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Start your day with banana and loss weight 

banana is an edible fruit which helps during weight loss journey. Starting your day with banana is a must to do…

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Five (5) easy and fun things to spice up your workout 

Well my lovelies, it’s Sunday night and we all don’t like when the weekend is coming to an end *fake crying*…. It’s another Monday coming and we have had enough weekend junks *well i

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eat your water!

hello my lovelies, happy weekends. so this morning post is a familiar health post about water. this time around instead of the usual drink plenty water *by the way, we are still drinking water*

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Would you believe if you were told that your big bum could save you from some serious health issues? 

You can come across so many things online these days. Educating, funny, ridiculous, time wasting and lot more but i think this post right here falls under that category of the funny/interesting/educating Image you

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What if water can do a whole lot on your weight-loss journey than you’d ever imagined? 

Hello my lovelies,  It’s really nice to be back writing and staying consistent. It’s the first day after exam week and it is finally over. Well, till the next three months again and another

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7 terrific benefits of ginger

hello my lovelies, its a lovely Tuesday morning and am tagging it a health benefit morning. on this section am going to write about seven (7) benefits of ginger. are you ready? if you

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5 simple mistakes you make everyday that causes weight gain

hello my lovelies!!! i know its being a while here but i promise to post new things every Monday and Wednesday because of classes… so lets get down to our post for today… there

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My top 10 everyday beauty/makeup hacks and tips 

Hello my lovelies, Here are my top 10 beauty / makeup everyday hacks and tips…  Start your day by having a glass of warm water with drops of lemon juice and honey added. it

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