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which should come first relaxing or coloring?

hello my lovelies, so let’s talk about maintaining a healthy relaxed hair. Relaxing and Coloring or Dying your hair. Knowledge about this two things; Both are forms of introducing chemicals to hair. This can

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by sheydeahqb | 8:46 PM

The unicorn braids

Braids are just perfect… Check out this amazing unicorn braids… Anyone can rock it. Any hair type, texture or color. It is suitable for both natural and relaxed hair. The unicorn color effect makes

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by sheydeahqb | 10:37 PM

How to achieve instant curls on short natural hair 

Hello my lovelies, I hope you all have being enjoying my latest post on hair? Let’s talk about curls on short natural hair and how to achieve it quickly.  P. S. I don’t know

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by sheydeahqb | 9:21 PM

Tips on how to soften natural hair easily at home

I know one of the challenges of keeping natural hair is getting it all soft and easy to comb. This has actually made me transition so many times, till i finally settle for some

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by sheydeahqb | 12:33 PM

The ombre braids attachment/braid weave 

Hello my lovelies,  Before going ‘MIA’ this weekend, i just want to drop this lovely hair piece. I think in Nigeria we call it attachment. I don’t know what you call it in your

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