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Have you shared any of my post before? 

Hello my lovelies, It’s another beautiful Sunday morning ‘though it’s cold here’ So before i publish this week’s story ‘so excited’ i want to know if you have ever shared my post with anyone.

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by sheydeahqb | 9:59 PM

almost saying bye to the month of june

hey my lovelies, well since i didn’t get the chance to welcome you all into the month of June, then its still okay if we celebrate the month coming to an end. here are

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by sheydeahqb | 2:40 PM

never too late to say ‘happy father’s day’

yes my lovelies, its never too late to wish all fathers around the world a happy special day to them everyday… there is a popular description of what our parents truly represents that i

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by sheydeahqb | 1:48 PM

a total black out and missing in writing for a while

hello my lovelies, i know its being a long while since my last post and if you haven’t read totally in love all over again click this link right here am really excited to

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by sheydeahqb | 1:39 PM

It’s children’s day celebration – happy children’s day 

Hello my lovelies, Don’t you just love may? It has exciting holidays and it’s children’s day today (yippee) We are children… Our parents call us children, their own parents call them the same and

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by sheydeahqb | 10:21 AM

Happy Mother’s day

It’s Mother’s Day celebration  I personally couldn’t agree more that MOTHERS are the most amazing creature on earth. Mothers will treat you like a baby even when you are a hundred years old 😂😂😂

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by sheydeahqb | 7:31 PM

It’s my birthday… Am ➕ 1 today… Sheydeahqb is a year older today

Hello my lovelies,  Today is my birthday and it’s being a blessing in disguise… Thank you all for your support reading, following, commenting, liking always…  Am a year older today in good health, wealth

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by sheydeahqb | 1:11 AM

welcome to the month of may

happy new month my lovelies am so excited, its the month of may and its my birth month… my wishes for u this month May this month bring you satisfaction, peace and joy. May

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by sheydeahqb | 8:50 PM

happy Easter celebration my lovelies and a wonderful bunny calmness

Hosanna! Christ is risen indeed, I’m happy to see another wonderful Easter in my life and I also believe you too, is happy to witness another great one in your life, and so we

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by sheydeahqb | 3:04 AM

Welcome to the month of April

A new month is so refreshing, you can make new experiences, go on new adventures and just be plain happy! that’s just what I wish for you. May your dreams come true this month, May

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