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Start your day with banana and loss weight 

banana is an edible fruit which helps during weight loss journey. Starting your day with banana is a must to do…

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Five (5) easy and fun things to spice up your workout 

Well my lovelies, it’s Sunday night and we all don’t like when the weekend is coming to an end *fake crying*…. It’s another Monday coming and we have had enough weekend junks *well i

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What if water can do a whole lot on your weight-loss journey than you’d ever imagined? 

Hello my lovelies,  It’s really nice to be back writing and staying consistent. It’s the first day after exam week and it is finally over. Well, till the next three months again and another

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Welcome to the month of August

yaay it’s officially a tradition for me, wishing you all a new month and day or more after the first day (smiling) It’s the 8th month of the year. It’s just four months to

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Happy 1 year blogging anniversary to me

Yes my lovelies, we made it and it’s one year of awesome blogging.  I remember the day i published my first post and it’s being one tough but interesting journey with you guys.  Thank

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Have you shared any of my post before? 

Hello my lovelies, It’s another beautiful Sunday morning ‘though it’s cold here’ So before i publish this week’s story ‘so excited’ i want to know if you have ever shared my post with anyone.

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5 simple mistakes you make everyday that causes weight gain

hello my lovelies!!! i know its being a while here but i promise to post new things every Monday and Wednesday because of classes… so lets get down to our post for today… there

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fat flush detoxification

detoxification, is a cleanse in the body from toxins which are harmful to the body system. detoxifying the body doesn’t mean engaging yourself in crazy or restrictive diet. fat flush recipe apple vinegar: it

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