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fashion & style – Women Nylon Travel passport bag ‘newchic’

Women Nylon Crossbody Bag Waterproof Travel Bag Shoulder Bag is so gorgeous and comes in different colors. I love those fashionable and beautiful Crossbody Bags from Crossbody Bag Color:Purple,Black,Dark Blue,Rose Red, Material:Nylon Weight:340g Length:22cm(8.66”) Height:28cm(11.02”) Width:10cm(3.94”) Pattern:Solid Inner Pocket:Zipper Pocket,Main Pocket,Phone

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10 most expensive celebrity engagement rings

When a man wants to pop the big questions or go down on one knee to ask the big question, does the size, cut and worth of the ring matter? With the celebrities, their

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Would you rock these Balenciaga crocs?

Fashion! Fashion!! Fashion!!! Saw this from @theshaderoom and was wondering how creativity yet funny these crocs are. Balenciaga’s new crocs seems quite comfy by the look and believe me there are lots of designs

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Have you seen the new insane yet creative eyebrow trend? ‘ The squiggle eyebrow’

This trend is actually pretty insane yet creative still insane. It takes a serious sitting in front of a mirror, burning data watching tutorials trying to draw and fill the Archy brow, now you

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Would you rock these amazing customized sneakers, ankle boots and wedges for your wedding? 

Hello my lovelies,  Wow it’s being long i started my post with that phrase ‘smiling’. It’s a wonderful Monday night here and the weather couldn’t be better…  So what if you happen to be

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The ombre braids attachment/braid weave 

Hello my lovelies,  Before going ‘MIA’ this weekend, i just want to drop this lovely hair piece. I think in Nigeria we call it attachment. I don’t know what you call it in your

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Welcome to the month of August

yaay it’s officially a tradition for me, wishing you all a new month and day or more after the first day (smiling) It’s the 8th month of the year. It’s just four months to

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Happy 1 year blogging anniversary to me

Yes my lovelies, we made it and it’s one year of awesome blogging.  I remember the day i published my first post and it’s being one tough but interesting journey with you guys.  Thank

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Have you shared any of my post before? 

Hello my lovelies, It’s another beautiful Sunday morning ‘though it’s cold here’ So before i publish this week’s story ‘so excited’ i want to know if you have ever shared my post with anyone.

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