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10 things to do when trying to save or make extra cash 

Hello my lovelies,  It’s getting cold out here in Lagos Nigeria. It is cold in Nigeria because it’s harmattan season.  So Christmas is coming and majority of people have been with this couple of

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throwback to my Top three (3) TV shows of the 80s and 90s

It’ s is another special edition of my throwback Thursday. hello my lovelies, I hope you all missed this section as much as I do. On today’s edition of my throwback Thursday, i will

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10 most expensive celebrity engagement rings

When a man wants to pop the big questions or go down on one knee to ask the big question, does the size, cut and worth of the ring matter? With the celebrities, their

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Would you rock these Balenciaga crocs?

Fashion! Fashion!! Fashion!!! Saw this from @theshaderoom and was wondering how creativity yet funny these crocs are. Balenciaga’s new crocs seems quite comfy by the look and believe me there are lots of designs

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Story of the week- IN THE HANDS OF A QUEEN 1

Carla, calm down and stop being an ungrateful soul. Ruby is doing everything in his power and above his power to impress you but, you are not making it easy for him. After everything

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Top 5 major street foods in Lagos, Nigeria

I’m proud to say ‘ i’m a NIGERIAN’ Not only are we blessed with awesome natural resources, amazing resorts, great weather but also amazing foods… In no particular order, here are my top 5

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Flashback Friday – my top 3 superheroes cartoon

Did i just type cartoon? Oh yes i did and i love me some old superheroes series. I miss coming back from school and just feeling so excited all because spiderman and his amazing

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Ladies, can you rock this creative ‘Anime’ inspired nail art?

Okay this is taking creativity to another level. Ladies, get in here please. Can you / would you rock this creative anime inspired nail art? What if you were asked to rock it for

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throwback to my top 4 music meets sports, dance and love movies

hello my lovelies, its another throwback Thursday and today lets throw it back to these amazing dance, basketball, singing and love movies. these movies are really romantic and very fun to watch especially with

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Would you rock these amazing customized sneakers, ankle boots and wedges for your wedding? 

Hello my lovelies,  Wow it’s being long i started my post with that phrase ‘smiling’. It’s a wonderful Monday night here and the weather couldn’t be better…  So what if you happen to be

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