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natural way of tightening loose saggy skin this summer

hello my lovelies, its a wonderful Saturday morning. today am going to show you how you can tighten and firm up those saggy skin in 10-15 minutes, while you enjoy your summer beach sun

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Simple and effective ways to getting rid of crack heel

It’s a Tuesday afternoon my lovelies, and in today’s beauty tips, getting rid of crack heel is in session.  Are you not comfortable wearing sandals, slippers, flops and so on because of your hard

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Have you ever thought about cleaning your earrings and lobe? 

What’s up my lovelies,  In today’s beauty tips, ear rings and ear lobes  are in sections (laughing really hard because am sounding like a judge)  Have you ever thought about removing that small earring

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Have you shared any of my post before? 

Hello my lovelies, It’s another beautiful Sunday morning ‘though it’s cold here’ So before i publish this week’s story ‘so excited’ i want to know if you have ever shared my post with anyone.

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How to get your teeth whitened in 5 minutes

Hello my lovelies,  Smiling is the best expression for our face. When you smile ‘genuinely’ it makes you feel brighter, younger and vibrant. A saying once said “laughter is the best medicine”  When you

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Did you know these three ingredients straight from your kitchen can make a great mask for hair growth?

Every naturalista knows that once you go for shopping to make a nice meal, fill up the kitchen with that groceries, you will have to shop in excess “laughing” Natural hair eats too and

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apple cider vinegar scalp rinse for natural hair

I tried this amazing acv rinse as i saw the update on my favorite hair page on instagram. I decided to try it and believe me it was amazing. What does this rinse do? 

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My top 10 everyday beauty/makeup hacks and tips 

Hello my lovelies, Here are my top 10 beauty / makeup everyday hacks and tips…  Start your day by having a glass of warm water with drops of lemon juice and honey added. it

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mayonnaise mask for hair growth

hello my lovelies!!! its a beautiful Monday, and am sure we have stopped tagging Mondays as a boring, too serious day of the week (well i use to do the same before i started

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4 natural skin toners for all skin types including aging skin

Using a toner after cleansing I remember during my training in a beauty school, facial treatment was actually one of the most delicate courses we had to deal with. The first anyone would see

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