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Bisi sat down by the balcony pondering on her discussion with shade while, she also weighed in on her advice.

My marriage is too new to be like this. I am a woman, a wife and will be a mother. So what kind of advice will i give my own daughter if she is going through this same phase’, ‘shade said to herself ‘ This is the other phase mum told me about, the not rosy side of marriage. The side that you get stuck and want to invite a third party to interfere. My problem now is not marriage, it’s not my husband, it’s not the title but the idea of being married, high expectations from people, how to behave, how to live in the marriage and how to accept the fact that we have graduated to another level of our forever.

Henry: Hello Temi, am sorry i dropped the call yesterday. Have not being feeling too well since i got back from the trip.

Temi: Are you okay? Would you like to come to me tonight? You know i have all it takes to make you feel better

Henry: I just want to stay in tonight and work some business transactions out but, I’ll give you a call tomorrow.

(Henry hung up on her)

Hmmmm!!! Maybe he just want to work things out with his wife or maybe not. 

Bisi: Mum i have all the recipe for the pepper soup but i think there is something missing.

Mrs B: What could that be my daughter?

Bisi: I think it’s your special touch mum. What if he doesn’t like it? Mum what if he is already tired of me? We are stuck mum

Mrs B: there is nothing like one special touch my darling. Each time i make this pepper soup, the only thing on my mind is your father’s loving face each time he looks at me while eating. Stop trying too much, don’t be perfect, good back to your true self. Be his girlfriend, lover rather than just his wife.

Bisi: thank you mum


Henry got home early that evening. On his way while driving, he saw the flower shop he do get flowers for Bisi when they were dating. He remembered the look on her face each time she opens the door for him acting shy, in her thigh length cardigan, with a long pink socks and her hair packed in a messy pony tail. With one hand holding the flower behind and with the other hand, he would part in lips opened softly and gently and place a warm kiss on her lips and offer her the flower. She acts like her little girl, his biceps were her hiding place for protection on cold nights. He smiled and wondered what could have gone wrong.

Henry and Bisi just wanted a family without the marriage thing attached to it. Bisi was never a big believer of marriage and Henry doesn’t even like the idea. The word husband and wife doesn’t play well in his dictionary. Their parents felt they have being together for a long time, nothing is holding them from getting married and starting a family but right now they felt things are taking a different turn which seems to be backfiring at them now.

“back to dinner”

Dinner went pretty the same as the previous evening, as two days before and also every other evening before this particular pepper soup episode. What made her think pepper soup was the solution to her problem? “Bisi asked herself”

The following evening, Henry was with Temi but he was really distracted from his usual self. Bisi wouldn’t even let any lady come too close to me before but now, which am sure her friends must have told her about us, she doesn’t even act bothered. She is the real example of a house wife that’s if i actually know the true meaning anyway.

Wait, why are you worried about her? You have me here ‘said Temi

Henry: She is my wife ‘that’s the first time he was admitting that with all sincerity.

Temi: so you are leaving me now?

Henry gave her a disgusting look and couldn’t even find an explanation to what he was doing with her and why they were in that situation.

He left and was on his way home to ask Bisi what the problem is and how they went from happily dating lovers to unhappy stuck couple. When he got home, Bisi was no where to be found. It was about 25minutes past 8 in the night, and this is just not going down well with Henry. After trying her digits, as he was about to go out and look for her, he saw a piece of paper on the dinning table, without opening it,

Clipart panda

Henry just dropped his jacket and breathed in slowly and heavily with one hand on his head and the other on his waist.  she left me ‘Henry said to himself with tears’

Do you think there is any problem with this two? Do you think it’s too soon for her to call her mum? What do you think is actually wrong here?

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The problem is with Henry. I recalled he dated Bisi for about 8yrs before they eventually tied the knot right? Truth be told, Hencry didn’t just started cheating, he was cheating even before he got married…the whole cheating saga didn’t just pop up over night. Oh Bisi calling her mum would escalate matters. If @ all a 3rd party be involved in this issue, it should be a complete stranger ( an individual who isn’t familiar with both party). Bisi’s mum is gonna be bias in her judgement

Sep 06.2017 | 06:56 pm

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