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Hello my lovelies, 

Today let’s talk about jealousy, it’s meaning, reason to be jealous, good or bad jealousy, necessary and unnecessary jealousy.

it is a state of being jealous

What is this state of being jealous? According to research on Google, am going to state three definitions of being jealous. 

  1. feeling or showing an envious resentment of someone or their achievements, possessions, or perceived advantages. ‘this is bad jealousy’
  2. feeling or showing a resentful suspicion that one’s partner is attracted to or involved with someone else. ‘this is in between, so let’s say it’s semi bad’
  3. fiercely protective of one’s rights or possessions. ‘is this the good jealousy? Let’s continue our discussion. 

Often times have read and also heard about people complaining that their partner doesn’t get jealous when they are either flirting with the opposite sex or not bothered about their movement or accept all their excuses in good faith without fighting back. 

So what do you want? For him / her to fight like a lunatic, create scenes and act really immature? Wait, some people really like this? 


There are numerous reason to get jealous but not create scenes and act like you are the only one in love. For some reason some jealousy acts are really fake. For instance he/she is with you because you are wealthy/beautiful/handsome/security purpose, though they do not love you but they wouldn’t want anyone with good intentions come closer to you because of their own selfish interest. So what they do is fight, tell you they are like that because they truly care. Like really are you kidding me now? 

Some of the reasons i think brings about good jealousy are:

  1. Denial: So you are with him/her and you ran into an old flings and courtesy demands you act like a proper gentleman or a gentle lady, introduce him/her, don’t just leave to attend to your past while they are there hanging. 
  2. Disrespect: don’t act he/she is okay with everything you do. ‘oh don’t worry my partner wouldn’t mind at all, you are free to call me anytime, or go out’ Hmmmm what if they mind? 
  3. Priority: show them how important they mean to you. The catch phrase ‘my work over everything’ ‘my this over everything’ balance all areas. Sometimes it’s overwhelming and stressful but with understanding it would work out 
  4. Compliments, attention 
  5. Add yours in the comment section. 

So back to the big question: is jealousy a sign of love? 

My answer: Not all jealousy acts are signs of love. A little jealousy act, letting him or her know he/she belongs to you and you are ready to protect it without violence, yes this kind is needed. A little bit of definition 2 without the resentful part ‘i.e bitterness’  and 3 ‘replace the fiercely with mildly but let it be heartfelt’ but for definition 1, that is not allowed. 

Everyone gets jealous, some are good at hiding it while, some can’t hold it in. Some jealousy are genuine, some acts are fake. There is no true love without jealousy 

Comment your opinion down below. 

Remember am not a relationship expert neither am a love doctor nor a relationship coach. ‘smiling’ let’s educate ourselves. 

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From my perspective I honestly think jealousy isn’t a sign of love. Truth be told if trust exist in the relationship, there would be no room for jealousy. In others words, your partner gets jealous beccause he or she has been nursing a feeling you are oblivious of.

Sep 06.2017 | 07:33 pm

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