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Dear diary

It’s like nothing seems to be going as planned. It’s like expecting the worse while hoping for the best. 

How then do you prove them wrong that you are capable of fighting, when giving up is the new first choice of option? Is giving up better than trying again?

Rome wasn’t built in a day

What if it were to be in this generation, Rome would have been completed in a month but still not a day.

There are so many stones thrown in the path of success. The stones aren’t what matters most but what i make out of it. A wall or a bridge? 

Let me give it one more try… 

The struggle of a fighter 

Composed and edited by sheydeahqb 

Based on a true life experience… 




black veil

no condition stays for long… aiye ijosi, olowo ni kola….ni igba ode yii, tatoo di ohun ara….ohun to je tiwa komama la fi ‘we….araba tun ra mu, o se ohun are’re……aiye yi oole…..omo eda adamo losoo ile aiye di ogun
Do not give up, there’s a light @ the end of the tunnel.

Sep 10.2017 | 08:26 pm

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