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Her friends were all staring at each other’s face, as no one could tell her exactly what they saw last night during their usual night out. Bisi was becoming so uncomfortable with the way her friends were fidgeting and it was making her so uncomfortable. So, she ordered their favorite shots of tequila while she tried engaging them in their normal girls talk.

Sandra being the most forward friend among them, couldn’t hold in the silence as their outing was becoming awkward, she told Bisi the truth; “Bisi your husband is cheating on you”

Wait so this was the reason why you all have being acting weird and nervous since, she asked? Tonia was really surprised while shade who is her best friend was trying to figure out what was wrong with her. “Babe I think you have taken enough shots already and this is clearly a serious matter not a joking one you are making it to be, said shade’

Guys I didn’t mean to be rude or act strange but this matter right here is not new to me because am aware that my newlywed husband is cheating on me. Her friends couldn’t believe their ears, they thought Bisi has gone mad because, she was too comfortable with the situation and was clearly not bothered about it.

‘Bisi you are my best friend’ said shade, while others murmured ‘she is our best friend too’ am sorry guys, it’s just that I know her so well and I can sense something is wrong with her ‘shade apologized to the rest’

My dear please tell us what is wrong and am sure we would find solution together. Bisi was not in the mood to answer any of their questions and she was really disappointed that they didn’t allow her enjoy their company because she missed the last one and this was supposed to be their last night out before her vacation with Henry  (Bisi’s husband. she picked up the bill and said her goodbyes to them. They were all still in shock at her altitude and were still wondering what could have gone wrong between her and Henry because, they use to be every ladies prayer point on type of relationship. About half an hour after Bisi had left the bar, her friends too took their leave as well but with the expression on their faces reading “shocked”.

It’s being a week since Bisi and Henry got back from their vacation. They both arranged this little trip to see if they could work on their marriage, as it was too new to be crashing. They dated for almost 8 years before tying the knot and immediately after, things have never being the same with them. Henry even blamed it on their parents for forcing them to get married as they were okay with their relationship before the marriage title.

Shade I’m really sorry, for how long are you willing to give me the silent treatment? Bisi was trying every trick to make shade smile but nothing was working till shade realized the silent treatment won’t help her get to the bottom of Bisi’s problem because she could see pains in her eyes.

Shade am really out of ideas, I don’t know what to do in my marriage and its killing me to know that am losing my husband, the love of my life for that matter. Ever since we got married, it’s being so boring with us. We don’t know what to do after this so called marriage title, it’s like we are trying to adjust to this marriage phase. Am so out options, we used to be so cool together doing so many things, having whole lots to do but now, it’s like we know everything about each other and there are no other things left to know again. I know his favorite color, his best food, his every steps and same goes for him too.

Marriage is not going the way expected it to be and am loosing it already…



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