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What could be more exciting than this amazing holified moment? To be in the moment of worship, filled with the electrified anoiting’, Femi thought to himself as he was enjoying the songs of worship. Maybe it’s more than just the worship, maybe it’s the thought of his longtime crush who is now his girlfriend. He hoped it was okay inviting her to church, as this would be their first outing together and he tagged it a ‘A date to the house of God’

Femi thought been in church with Aabi is all that is needed to prove how holy his intentions are, or he thought by bringing her to the church and consuming in the worship, is all that is needed to be just and righteous and also to prove how much of a changed person he is. So every other thing they do, is right in the presence of God. 

This particular sunday what could have changed? Why did he change his mind? He was so early to church that he even helped in arranging and putting things in order, holier than thou ‘rain must fall today’ Oh! I get it now, it’s the youth sunday and it’s all worship and praises, no preaching, no advice, no Bible reading and even if there would be, it’s going to be a short verse. Brother Femi’s blazer was looking sharp, his Italian shoe was extra shinny ‘only God knows if he added olive oil when cleaning it’ and he was looking extra cute today.  In less than an hour, the church was filled up, student from all campuses around were trooping in, different attires, different shades of blazers, skirts, makeup was on fleek and don’t get me started on the heels ‘Lord have mercy’ some were even walking slower than a snail just avoid cracking the church tiles.

Women (mothers) were starting at these girls with the look on their faces that says ‘see them, they are here to dance and eat’. 

Femi was less concern with all that is happening around right now, his neck was giving the angle 90 degrees spin left to right and the standing fan can’t compete with the pace. Where is Aabi? Oh Lord am acting according to your will, i asked her to come to church so you could see how much of a changed person i am. You see how early i got to church? I even have new naira notes to go round for the multiple offering sessions, lord please don’t put me to shame. Let her come and see that am a good Christian. lord Please answer my prayers: Femi prayed and it sure looks like the lord was on his side for that moment. He was really shinning his white teeth when Aabi walked towards him, she smiled and was happy he kept sit for her but am sure most girls present already hate femi because they were angry at him for keeping sit in the house of God. ‘brother c’mon this is the house of God not a movie theater’

Aabi dressed really simple yet gorgeous. 

She apologized for coming in late as she blames it on traffic but, we all know she had tried about fifty different dresses on before finally choosing the floral little dress which is presentable for church. fast forward to a very awesome praises, worship and a whole of dance. Brother femi was putting in all the dancing steps

That’s not brother femi though 😂😂😂

just to impress Aabi, everything was going on smoothly and in the next 30minutes the service will be over and all his romantic plans will start unfolding. As the choir lead the closing hymn, Femi was really shinning this teeth and am sure the reflection from his teeth is enough to find a lost needle. 

It was time for the closing prayer and sharing of the grace, when pastor Mike asked the congregation to sit down for 5minutes and trust me brother Femi’s temperature started rising like a thermometer in the mouth. He was sweating but still keeping cool. Pastor Mike that he knows won’t finish his talk for five minutes and, whatever he is going to say, please Lord don’t let him start with relationships. 

Here he goes, 

Your body is the temple of Christ, guard it and keep it safe. Ladies don’t be fooled by their cheap dates, because he invited you here doesn’t mean anything. Majority of you here are new faces and am sure it’s all for the dancing, as well as showing off your designer outfits, makeup and all. but have you given your life to Christ yet? Coming here today is not a guarantee that your relationship is based on God. Don’t let him corner you with the sweet talks, inviting you here and taking you out after, and what happens next? Ladies ask yourself what happens next after this praise sunday? Is he always this early to church on a regular sunday? Is he not a bench warmer? Does he work for God? keep your body as a holy sacrifice and keep yourself self for the right man that they lord had chosen. 

The altar call

While majority of the ladies were walking towards the altar to rededicate their lives to Christ and also some of the Guys, femi was busy staring at the program to double check the theme of the program ‘The unstoppable praise sunday for youth’ not the ‘ruin my relationship status sunday’ Now to make matter worse, Aabi stood up to join the rededication Team. Femi couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw her shaking her head like an agama lizard while praying on her kneels crying for mercy. 

And this is also not brother Femi’s church o 😂😂😂

After the whole service, maybe luck could still be on his side but God sure has a way of completing his pettiness once He starts. 
Aabi: Femi am really happy you invited me here today, you have completely changed my life and am grateful. 

Femi: Chai see me see wahala ‘it’s fine am glad you enjoyed it’

Aabi: Am starting a new chapter in my life now and starting from tomorrow, i will embark on a three days fasting. I want to hear from God and sure of my purpose and also talk to him about our relationship. I don’t want to offend God again. Am sure you understand, well you are a good Christian, i know you are happy for me.

Femi: of course… In his mind ‘when did she became a prophetess that she wants to start seeing visions and hearing from God’ 

Femi tries to hug her

Aabi: no we can’t hug, we are in front of the church and it’s not right 

Femi: Say what now? Aabi you know God is everywhere right? 

Aabi: The more reason for us to respect God and please respect me. 

After saying their goodbyes, about 30minutes later, Femi was sitting in the movie theater alone watching a very romantic movie, while couples were taunting him with their cuddling and kisses

… Dear God this is unfair you know,  ‘Femi said looking at the theater ceiling as if he could see God’s face’
God please we need to talk…. 

The end… 




bimbo rotimi

This right here is hilarious. .. Brother femi o

Aug 27.2017 | 12:44 pm

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