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Minutes turns to hours, hours turns to days, days turns to weeks and now counting years. It’s being three years without Billy. Starting from the day she decided to start the journey of love with him, she knew it wasn’t going to be an easy one. 

A man in uniform serving his country, what would be her fate? She asks herself everyday but hope for a better tomorrow. No one can fight love, it can happen anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. 

When is Billy coming back? 

He had promised her to be back a night before her 25th birthday day,  it’s already a day after her birthday. She didn’t receive any letter from him, nothing for her to read, all she had left were thoughts of hoping for a better news while expecting the worse and the fading ink on his letters. The morning after her birthday, she wasn’t feeling too strong to do anything. she just wanted to lay in bed and hold on to the fading memories she hates to let go. Her mother and her best friend Patty tried all they could to make her go to work, they thought if she surrounds herself with the kids at her dance studio, it would lift up her spirit but she didn’t want to do any of that. she just wants Billy to come back and create fresh memories with her. 

Later that evening, Jane decided to visit her dance studio to take the evening class. She was surprised to see her mum and Patty making dinner and her dad decorating the house. Her birthday was yesterday, they didn’t even try this much but, she walked pass them while she pretended to not Care. She wore Billy’s jacket to just to help her remember fading memories of them together. 

The studio was surprisingly empty, no single being was in there not even teachers were there to teach if anyone would have at all showed up. She was a little bit angry, at least it shows that she still have a emotions to feel something but it rather be love than anger. She put the music on, and danced her soul away. The song was more of a war song but she needed something violent to take her soul far into Billy’s world. The jacket helped her remember a whole lot, her moves were so strong and intense, her body was creating steps she alone can’t imagine, her eyes were sobbing uncontrollably but her body won’t stop dancing. When she finally stopped, she realized all that could revive her right there, was Billy’s embrace. 

It was already dark, she packed her things and locked the studio. She checked her phone, no missed calls from anyone, and the day couldn’t get any worse for her than it already was. Outside her house, she spent more than 30minutes wondering how she would be able to walk to her room when she had no strength left in her but, she dozed off right there. At about 20minutes to midnight, she was wondering how the heck she was able to walk upstairs and also avoid her parents annoying every minutes checkup. She turned to her right, a fine figure young man, she had gone through this terrible hours for was laying there watching her with his piercings brown eyes. She lost words but with the last strength in her she was able to respond back to a long kiss that gave her strength. Now she understands why everyone wanted her to have her own moments. Billy had already contacted her parents and patty of his visit. 

Why didn’t you come back? Why didn’t you wish me a happy Birthday? why did you break your promise? She asked all these with tears rolling down her eyes, while Billy cuddled her so tight and she kissing him after every question. 

Billy explained everything to her and how his surprised plan failed due to some set backs with his commander. She still couldn’t control her tears. Billy looked into her eyes, placed one hand on her waist, while the other tucked her hairs behind her eyes to see her pretty eyes. My love, i know the sacrifices you have made this past years, it killed me that you had to stay this long without me, I was not there to protect you, i missed out on valentines day, i missed out on movies nights, i wanna learn so much with you in the kitchen, all these i dreamt of every nights and almost gave up but your love, the thought that someone special was waiting for me was what kept me going on. 

One journey, i came across an old woman selling pieces of precious stones but she kept one aside. The dazzling stones was really precious to her, she advertise other but didn’t want to sell this particular stone. It was an engagement ring from her husband in the 70s. Though she had lost everything but she said that particular Stone was the only valuable thing in her lives. Their homes were taken over by some terrorist. She looked into my eyes and said, “don’t stay out too long because she needs you now” i was surprised at to what she was talking about but after claiming their homes back for them, she gave me these precious stone, that it’s only meant for special love like ours, and here Jane it’s for you. 

Jane Please marry me and she said yes. 

His kisses, his touch made her regained Her strength. He made love to every part of her body, he spared no part. His hands was exploring and discovering every curves, his strokes was creating bond between them. His lips was sealing every promises, their bodies worked like magic, she was in her fairly tale land and when he finally thrust in, it was worth the wait. This was the moment she had longed for, he made love to her like the last yet it was the beginning and they never got tired. She laid on her chest to feel his heart beat and his peace was restored. 

Billy had gone back to protect more lives, she found more strength and a new feeling of love as young Billy grows inside her. This news is what is keeping Billy strong out there and the countdown to happily never leaving home began… 

The End… 

To all our soldiers out there, we appreciate you and we Say a big thank you for protecting us and representing the entire world…. God will continue to bless and protect you all and for the one we’ve lost, may their souls rest in peace and God Almighty will continue to protect their families ‘Amen’

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Amen…. Wow! So touching… True love worth waiting for…. And also never stay too long away….

Aug 03.2017 | 12:09 pm


    Thanks for reading

    Aug 03.2017 | 12:20 pm


This is lovely… I love the whole concept and it’s really touching… Salute to our soldiers all over the world

Aug 03.2017 | 11:07 pm


This is really nice…. Thx for appreciating our soldiers

Aug 04.2017 | 10:45 am


Stories that touches ☺☺

Aug 05.2017 | 03:32 am


Beautiful piece
A very touching lesson on patience & true love.

Aug 06.2017 | 07:19 am

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