by sheydeahqb | 10:55 PM

This trend is actually pretty insane yet creative still insane. It takes a serious sitting in front of a mirror, burning data watching tutorials trying to draw and fill the Archy brow, now you want me to squiggle ‘laughing’

We move from carving the Archy brow to the feather brow, now it’s the squiggle brow. Okay it’s a trend. 

Okay on a more serious note this is quite hilarious, really insane and still creative. Kudos to the inventor who started this trend, let give it some time, it’s going to be the new eyebrow carving style. Maybe i will give it a try though ‘smiling’

So let me know what you think if this style is going to stay or we would pass on this one… Comment down below… 




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