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Before I commence on the discussion of the above topic, I would like to explain the keyword in a nutshell. Character is define as the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual according to oxford dictionary. Character is what a person is and it is tarnished by wrong doings.  A man once said”education can take a man to the top but character will determine whether he will remain there or not“.

The young man did well in the interview but the corpulent man told him that in that organisation, they don’t need tiny people like him( the young-man) that they were only interested in corpulent people like himself with good character.  This story makes good character indispensable. One’s education, skills, anointing or social status is not enough to guarantee one’s position at the top…good character does. Your character says much about you and should not be mistaken for reputation. Reputation is basically people’s opinion about you which could be right or wrong while character is your way of life. It is a set of quality that singles you out from multitudes.

Character development will give you a seat among the great and keep at the top for life. Be good to people and let them feel comfortable when they are around you, it is pointless making people feel inferior to you always. Somebody once said” be tough but at the same time be tender because the person God will use for your help may not look like it. For instance David did not have the look of someone that could kill Goliath but the victory the people of Israel agitated for was packaged in David.  Always remember greatness can be hidden in rags; it takes only a man of good character to uncover it. In conclusion there’s no amount of investment for personal improvement that is too much because it is very rewarding. Self improvement is not negotiable is it prerequisite for those who wants to remain at the top.  The top is a competitive place, you must train and prepare yourself to stay there!

written by BLACK VELVET




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