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1. As a moisturizer: Aloe Vera gel can be used as a moisturizer for the face, hair and body… 

2. As a facial toner:

It can be used as a facial toner to even your skin tone 

3. For dark acne spots: it can be used to lighten dark acne spots / marks 

4. For Stretch marks: it can be used to fade away stretch marks 

5. For dry scalp/lemon: Aloe Vera can used to treat dandruff and dry scalp by mixing the gel with lemon juice, apply directly to your scalp 3x in a week

6. For exfoliation: Aloe Vera gel can be used to remove dead skin. mix the gel with brown sugar and lemon juice to make a great scrub for face and body. This scrub can be use for dark lips. 

7. For hair mask: 

Mix aloe Vera gel with honey, oil (castor, olive or cononut oil) apply on your hair, cover with a plastic / shower cap, leave for at least 20minutes and rinse off with water

8. For deep conditioning: mix aloe Vera gel with melted Shea butter and your normal conditioner, apply to the hair and use a plastic / shower cap, leave for 20minutes or more and wash off with water. You can apply a little bit of heat to allow easy penetration of the conditioner. 

9. For thick and full eyebrows: 
mix the gel with olive oil, and rub it on your brow before bed. 

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10. For growing edges: mix the gel with oil (olive, coconut or castor oil) massage your edges or anywhere you are experiencing hair loss before bed

11. For beards grooming for the men: 

Apply aloe Vera gel to your beards as conditioner, it helps promote growths and stops itching 
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12. Health benefits: it aids digestion, weight loss, constipation, heart burn, liver functioning and your immune system 

13. For sun burn: it can use to lighten and clear sun burn. Place the gel in the fridge for Best result. The coldness will give your skin a cooling sensation to get rid of irritation. 

14. For shaving: anywhere part worth shaving, aloe Vera gel is the best for it

15. For after shave: it heals cuts from blades, lessen redness and irritation

16. For after wax: after getting wax, threaded, just apply the gel to reduce redness and irritation 

17. For body scars: mix the gel with lemon juice ‘lemon juice has a bleaching agent to lighten’ apply on any body scar 

18. For makeup remover: aloe Vera gel can be use to remove makeup, it is natural as it contains no chemicals and alcohol, leaving your face fresh and soft

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19. For skin blemishes: it soothes skin blemishes like eczema, acne, cold sores, psoriasis, stretch marks, and fungal infection 

20. As bath mixture: mix the gel with your bathing water and add apple cider vinegar. It helps with vagina PH, joint pains, skin rashes and smelly feet 

21. For minor cuts and burns: aloe Vera gel speeds up with healing process and causes less scaring. 

22. For your twist out:

you can use aloe vera gel for your twist out for moisture without the weight of oil or creme

23. For mosquito bites: it helps reduce the itching and redness 

24. For reducing harsh shampoo: if you noticed your shampoo is harsh for your hair, before applying the shampoo to your hair, apply aloe vera gel directly to your scalp first, this will reduce the harshness of the shampoo

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25. For split ends: Apply aloe vera gel to your hair and work it down to the tips by massaging it gently. 

I hope you will consider growing aloe vera plant now… 




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