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Letter before her grave

He was everything I wanted in a man, he was a gentle man to a fault, he was my everything

He showered me lots of gifts, affections, love, money, material things and attention.

He popped the big question, I was so happy, friends and family were happy for me


‘but my mother’

She wasn’t sure of him, he was too nice, no flaws, no wrong and this makes mum really scared.


One night he came home drunk, something he never did before, I didn’t know what to do, I have never

Being in that kind of situation with him. He smelled like an ash tray from smoking.

I let him be, I couldn’t call my mother or anyone to explain my fears but, I thought it was just a

Night as everything will disappear in no time but, Drinking continues and i have no clue on what to do.


one very day I tried stopping him but he slapped me, the vibration from the slap

was enough to function on three massage chairs.


Few weeks to our wedding, maybe he will stop,maybe its just a phase, maybe I will stop him from

Beating me.


“I can change him”


He came back to his senses, he apologized, he showered me with multiple gifts, caresses, kisses and

Passionate love.

A day to walking down the aisle, I saw a different side of him, his family were all looking at him, I was

Scared. They had this pity look for me.

What am signing up for?


“I can change him”


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