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No one is an expert when it comes to the matter of the heart. Relationship will always have struggles, insecurities, fun part and in other words, ups and down. 

Two people are involved in a relationship, both from different backgrounds, culture, styles, thinking and so on, which means there is always going to be the need for disagreement but the way we handle our differences is what matters the most. 

Like i stated earlier, before two people agreed to spend their lives together, am sure they’re aware of the ups and down in their decisions. No one is right, no one is perfect, no one is just and no one is above mistakes. Arguments will occur, fights will definitely arise but it’s either you both talk it out or stay finding faults in each other and trying to prove right. 

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Arguments is when you both are looking for the right one during a fight or disagreement while discussion is when you both realizes your mistakes, trying to find what the right way to move ahead is, and pass the matter.

Disagreement, arguments, fights and so many others are factors that would definitely come about in a relationship but if you both are willing to see each as not perfect then it definitely going to be an easy one. 

Arguments is to find out who is right, discussion is to find out what is right

Remember am not a love doctor, we are all learning… 

Don’t stay arguing rather stay discussing about the right way possible to move ahead 

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