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It doesn’t matter if my heart is hurting really bad, it doesn’t change anything if my heart can no longer accommodate any type of feelings, it definitely doesn’t matter if i can’t be without him but it’s better to let go than hold on to a mirage… 

Enitan Eniola Williams was a young beautiful lady in her mid twenties, doing so well for herself after the death of her parents in a car crash, which left her damaged at the age of 8. Growing with her granny wasn’t the best kind of living, as she was used to her luxury life in the city with her parents. She quickly adapted to the village lifestyle to keep things easy for her and she really learned alot. After college education which she finished at the age of 23, she lost her granny but was able to stand firm as granny taught her so many values about life. 

A year after service, she moved back to the city finally with one of her uncles, he took her as his own daughter. His uncle’s wife was a complete representation of her mother. Loving, caring, no pretence, yells at her when she is wrong and still hugs her to correct her. She couldn’t be happier the kind of family her uncle had come to raise. After few months of sitting at home, surfing net and doing absolutely nothing other than sleeping, eating, growing fat, gisting with her aunt and uncle, reading bed time stories to the kids, she finally got a call from an insurance company where she had apllied earlier, for the post of a personal assistant to the CEO of the company. 

A week later, she resumed and all necessary informations were given to her concerning her new boss. What seemed to baffle her was how gorgeous, young and well dressed majority of the female workers are. Some Even dressed uncomfortable just to show the right curves to who? The CEO which made her wonder why they would be interested in an old man because any man that would be the CEO of a huge company like this, was definitely going to be old “she murmured under her breath” 

At about few minutes to noon, she wasn’t doing anything in her office, she hasn’t seen her boss, so she decided to chat with some of her friends on facebook. While she was doing that, her boss walked in “I didn’t employ you to chat with your friends or make love to your phone,  if you don’t have anything to do you can let someone interested take over” 

He introduced himself, Enitan was shocked when she stood up to greet him. She was sure, her boss wouldn’t be older than her or better still a year or two older. The way his body fit into the suit, his scent was everywhere and his perfect brown eyes pierced into her soul. 

Miss Enitan Eniola Williams, we have a meeting in five minutes get your pen and pad, meet me in the conference room. This awkwardness continues till the day she found herself locking lips with him. It was as if her soul was leaving her body to find rest, like her body doesn’t belong to her any longer. She hated how she was giving in, how he was able to control and know her body more than she does. He never confessed his feelings to her, each time he needed that body, he knows how to make Enitan weak and beg for his touch. He was too good with his seduction but she wanted more. 

Enitan knew what she was getting into the night it all started. After many late nights together, the urge was there to finally let their bodies talk and dwell in the moments. Shola Leylons is a man every woman wants to be with, a man that can move mountains to himself with just a stare, a man of many potentials but a man without a soul for emotions. Enitan thought she could change the situation but she was wrong, Shola doesn’t want any form of romance aside when his body wants it. She gave her purity to him but something inside of her knew she made a mistake and at that her body couldn’t deny what she felt. 

One night after the love making, she longed to be cuddled and cared for. She wanted to feel his heart beat next to her breathing self, she wanted to feel small in his biceps for protection but he failed again. He was a man of his words, he already made it clear what their relationship would be. 

He made it clear she belongs to him but it sounded more like she belonged to his bed. Anytime she had a night off him to have a nice ladies outing with her new friends, he would go mad at her the next day at work, making her day Terrible. She couldn’t continue like that, she had fallen for a known stranger but can’t control her emotions nor Her feelings.

This fateful morning she summoned courage, went into his office. Dropped her resignation letter and left. He kept on calling and calling but she had her mind made up.  she weaped so hard till she no longer had strength to open her eyes. She believed it was better for her to let go than hold on to something that was going no where. 

It’s being two months since she left Leylons, it’s a start of something new for her. Though her heart still wants him but gradually she believed she would get over it and as for love, she doesn’t know if it would be sooner or later but when she is ready, she would feel it somewhere really deep inside. She realized it was time to live in reality, rather by the book. 

The End

Composed by sheydeahqb 




Bobby love

Your are awesome. ..

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This is wonderful ma’am

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A good lesson to the fairy tales girls.

Jul 13.2017 | 07:02 pm

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