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As much as this post title may sound/appear funny while reading but believe me,  i know it caught your attention. 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like, if we could sue our ex? It automatically means someone is coming to sue you too because, you certainly are someone’s ex ‘laughing’

On a more serious note, i think it’s safe to say no one is perfect. Whatever time you spent with ex, am sure it’s not a wasted time. You should at least gain something either good or bad, lesson must be learnt. You would learn so many things concerning that person and also yourself. 

So it didn’t work out with you both, that doesn’t mean you have to tame anyone bad or label them. Some ex’s did you wrong, some did you right and don’t forget we are someone else’s ex too but in the end, it all about experience. 

No suing of ex but better time to heal, move on/work on yourself, be a better you, no bad blood, don’t give room for negative energy, be the sexy new you, be friends and the right person will definitely come around… 

Have a stress free Monday ahead my lovelies 






This is somehow funny thoo

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