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Hello my lovelies

It’s another beautiful Sunday and it’s the last Sunday in the month of July. A huge thank you to God Almighty for making us see today.

These are amazing snacks that we can grab anytime and we won’t have to worry about gaining extra pounds. Without any further delays let’s start the count down 

  • Toast with walnut and pear spread

  • Shrimp stack

  • Spiced green tea smoothie 

  • Canned tuna on whole wheat cracker 

  • Chicken pita sandwich 

  • Edamame

  • Lentil salad with tomatoes and watercress

  • Cauliflower with white bean dip

  • Luna protein bar

  • Roast garlic and edamame dip

  • I will add apple and skimmed milk (this works for me) 

Here you have it… 

Pls leave a comment below ☺ 

Source: healthnutritionblog

Image source: health magazine

Check up for directions to prepare this awesome snacks… 




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