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Stress sounds like less but it can be a mess when not managed well, that would have been my story but I evolved in it and made it 

My strength through which I completely made my own foot print in the sand of time,

Its favor in my life.

Allowing thoughts of people to hit my  sound proofed ear,

That filters off negativity and processes it into positivity, that germinates into a massive ideas full of light, life, and soothing Sounds of instruments that calm even a troubled soul that’s lost.

I was once a victim of a lost soul revived by music, But now a Victor walking side by side with grace unimaginable, that’s why I still stand strong.

Bold and focused not to relent on how much I put in to achieve my goal no matter how difficult.

Now am fine tuning myself to a young man that loves music




I call this right here ‘LETTER TO LOVE’ – SHEYDEAHQB'S BLOG

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Aug 25.2017 | 09:35 pm

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