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Good evening my lovelies 

Let’s take it back to the 80s and 90s [not sure which year] but old kiddies days of our lives. This should be fun or not *laughing*

Back then some of my friends wanted to be a doctor, just to see a woman’s body *oh goodness* and it’s quite funny because some are actually doctors today. 

As a child, we do have the wildest of dreams and imaginations.

I’m very sure majority of us are not even doing what we use to wish for back in those days. As most of us are working where we are presently because, it represents a place to get check for bills at the end of the months, rather than where we love to be. 

Can you flash back to when you were little, in primary school and one teacher will just come in and start asking your future ambition, as if it was her calling to check it into a reference book? I’m very sure everyone wanted to be a doctor, lawyer, banker and a pilot, as these four occupations use to be the rhymes on every kid’s lips.

There was something called zeal then, which would have allowed all kids be what they have always wanted to be if it were up to that factor alone. 

Now we have bloggers (laughing) makeup artists, YouTubers, graphic artists, painters, sculpturist, fashion designer (no one wanted to be a tailor back then)  hair stylist (we all hated the word hair dresser) music artists (you had better not reveal this passion to your African parents) photography (laughing) VJs and DJs (who will support you then) Actors (according to an African parents, they lived a wayward life) and so on but the table has turned and all these professions are doing well and trust me, parents are the first to support you even though they still wish you were a doctor (laughing)

Why did we change? 

Circumstances surrounding education mostly in Africa isn’t quite encouraging but some still scale through, while some couldn’t keep up and others hated the fact that after spending years trying to pass jamb and post jamb, you will have to waste many years reading and reading while for some their dreams changed along the line. 

Some were bold enough to switch to their passion, some didn’t want to disappoint their parents and others were too scared to start all over again. 

Is it too late to follow your passion? 

It’s never too late… 

Whatever you find yourself doing in pains, sadness and never happy about, it’s not your passion but someone else’s dream. It’s time for a change. 

Whatever you find yourself doing with happiness and brings you joy, it’s better than the job that pays the bills Now because very soon your passion will definitely covers the bills without having to wait till the end of the month… 

Develop your passion today…




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