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What’s up my lovelies, 

In today’s beauty tips, ear rings and ear lobes 

are in sections (laughing really hard because am sounding like a judge) 

Have you ever thought about removing that small earring (especially for those that like small earrings and doesn’t remove them all the times or every nights before going to bed)? 

If you are the type that doesn’t wear small ear rings and remove your big earrings 

Before bed, there is tendency of having clean lobes always because when bathing, it’s easy to wash that area. While the small ear rings will prevents easy washing and allows accumulation of dirt around the lobe, and the rings back especially the pin up earrings. 

How many times is it advisable to clean both the earrings and lobe?  

Often like twice in a week or more… And if you are the type that is scared of loosing earrings all the time, I would advise the cleaning after bathing, so you don’t loose it in the bathroom. 

What can be used to clean the earrings and lobe?

Methylated spirit, cotton wool/bud, astrigents, oil, water and mild soap etc. 

Is there any techniques/procedures to follow when cleaning the earrings and lobes? 


Just use the cotton wool or cotton buds and deep into any of your options (oil, mild soap and water, astrigents or Methylated spirit) and clean the hook and ring thoroughly and also your lobes. 

Note: if you are to use astrigents, please make sure it is alcohol free or just rule it out, to prevent it from bleaching your ear rings (i.e changing the color) not sure if this happens when you using all astrigents because it doesn’t bleach even though my small ear rings cost less… 

So that’s it on today’s beauty tips 

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