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Dear future husbandz, it’s another Saturday gone and future wifeyz are waiting.

Future husband, aren’t you tired of being the best man? Aren’t you tired of cooking with ketchup? Aren’t you tired of mama silifa’s jollof rice? Aren’t you tired of hugging the pillow? *sigh* na wa o

Y’all not the only one that has kissed frog Hoping to find princess charming

We’ve all had our own share of it too.

Take a deep breath, let go of past experiences, invite God to lead you, heal and come straight here “we are waiting”

Or you are okay with wearing the Ankara and lace alone? Nothing like “matching outfits”

with future Wifey… So going to church/mosque alone is what you want? You don’t like when Wifey stare into your eyes, making you go “yes am a lucky man”

Anyways, it’s a reminder that wifeyz are waiting for you people. It’s so clear that present girlfriendz time is being wasted by y’all as their future hubbyz are waiting for them too…

It’s another Saturday, wifeyz have decided not to be the bridemaidz today nor attend any owanbe “party”

because we prefer getting 12 yards of aso ebi for two rather than buying 6 yards.

We have prayed, fasted, we working hard, school we really tried so hard in earning that degree and our spiritual life is getting stronger…

P.S. if you are stuck inside the traffic, pls take a bike and remember to wear a helmet “safety first”

Lastly future hubby, find us quick and see how fun, loving yet not easy without God this journey can be together…


Future wifeyz….

Composed and edited by sheydeahqb





Lol we coming soon.

Jun 25.2017 | 06:19 am

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