by sheydeahqb | 12:26 AM

I saw this new trend on instagram, where you have to brush your brow hairs to form the feather shape.. 

It’s really trending as most makeup artists are trying the look out. I am a certified makeup artist but i must say this is one of the weirdest trend anyone has ever come up with. 

For fun sake, it’s very creative and it’s a look you could rock on the runway. We have the colored brows, the bleached and so many other brow trend. The feather brow is actually interesting and weird at the same time but it’s creative and am sure a lot of people are already trying it out

Maybe it’s time to ditch the arch shape and the regular filling and just brush the natural hair, feather it out and look different “laughing”
It’s taking the bushy brow to the feather trend…




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