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It was so obvious that after we had the chance to give us a trial which didn’t work out well, i just thought the best thing was to look out for each other but i was wrong as this didn’t sit well with you. I tried so hard to place us back together in my thought, my imagination and my dreams and reality but it fades away before i even started. It has always being about your feelings which i really don’t want to hurt for real but there was so much unspoken pains that i was going through but you didn’t see through. I tried so hard to give us another chance again and again and all over again but it was too hard to start let alone breath the thought. 

So i asked myself this questions everyday 

Now, why am i the bad guy? 

I never said i was perfect without flaws, maybe i just didn’t explain myself well enough but i thought it was the best way. 

Why can’t we be friends seriously? 

Not every encounter means togetherness in a romantic way, sometimes it can be friendship. I was almost pressured and pushed to say yes just to make you happy but then i realized you won’t be truly happy as you have thought you would. 

Am so sorry if i hurt you 

I know how it feels when love is one sided but i also understand how sad one feels when u try to feel the same way but it’s never going to happen no matter how hard one tries. 

I love you but am not in love with you

My love for you is like that of two good friends. Am pleading for the last time, stop making me look bad, stop making me feel bad, stop painting me bad. If a girl or a boy says no to a request / proposal or whatever name it is called, it doesn’t make them a bad person. stop making it look like i don’t know what i want and i don’t want to try to make things work. Stop telling me about how old am getting, forgetting the fact that it doesn’t define my decision to taking certain steps in life. You are not the only one with feelings that burns and needs to be felt by someone they desire. stop asking for the old me because i never changed. Start paying more attention to the little things you ignored as your answers lies around them.

Truth be told, am just to tired too fight, am too tired to argue, am drained out of every energy left in me to explain myself. 

Be happy, let go and let God. 

Based on a true life experience 

Edited by sheydeahqb 




Segun Mike Fasiku

Well said……

Mar 10.2017 | 06:49 am

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