by sheydeahqb | 10:16 PM

Hello my lovelies, Here are my top 10 beauty / makeup everyday hacks and tips… 

  • Start your day by having a glass of warm water with drops of lemon juice and honey added. it cleanses the whole body and purifies the system. 
  • Simple and gentle cleansing of the skin during the day will keep the skin fresh and young. Splashing of water will circulate a long way to calm the skin (especially the face) 
  • Don’t wear too much makeup or overload your skin (face) with makeup product as this might leads to skin breakout. Allow your skin to breathe most times 
  • Don’t sleep with your makeup on. Ensure to take off all makeup product before going to bed at night. 
  • Soak yourself in the early rays of the sun for rejuvenation and vitamin E is one essential vitamin for good health. 

Note: not the noon sun 

I hope you will find my beauty/makeup hacks helpful… Don’t forget to share, like, comment and follow. 




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