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hello my lovelies!!!

its a beautiful Monday, and am sure we have stopped tagging Mondays as a boring, too serious day of the week (well i use to do the same before i started blogging) so today am going to be talking about our hair growth, which is one of every woman’s dream to have a full, long and beautiful hair.

do people use this? i don’t know though

(laughing) i didn’t know there was a different mayonnaise for hair.

so i later got this

and their are plenty of hair mayonnaise of different brands and am not trying to advertise one product but this was the one i got my hands on that day and it was really good. i also tried this

it was amazing and works well for my hair…

its amazing benefits

  • its repairs damaged hair
  • it can be used for steaming
  • for shinny beautiful hair
  • it strengthens the hair
  • it is a good conditioning treatment
  • it defines curly hair
  • it protects colored hair
  • it calms frizzy hair
  • it treats dandruff
  • and so many more


  • mayonnaise
  • mashed avocado


  • mix half mashed of avocado and 2tbsps of mayonnaise in a bowl until creamy
  • apply this mixture all through your hair mostly concentrating on the ends
  • use a wide comb gently for an even spread of this mixture on your hair
  • leave it on for 30 mins
  • wash off with water or with a mild shampoo

note: you can put on a shower cap (a plastic bag works just as well) or a heated thermal cap. …

Try this and you will see how effective it is…. i love comments, so don’t forget to use the comment section for suggestions, addition or questions…




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