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Dear diary,

Am doing so well lately, discovering that the world doesn’t have to be complicated the way we think it should be. so be happy, do positive things, think positive, be positive and surround yourself with positive energy and vibes.

You must be wondering what this is…. right? Well it turned out i haven’t been reading my Bible lately and it’s quite bad. I was low on cash and was really craving for cold Pepsi this afternoon, i searched every pockets for any lucky forgotten money but couldnt find any, so i gave up on Pepsi thirst.

I decided to watch old movies on my laptop when i saw my small leathered weapon (my Bible) i didn’t have any intention reading it but i decided to just go through psalm as it is my favorite passage in the Bible “am sure you all are wondering if am that spiritual and reads Bible” (Hahahahahahah) highly spiritual “NO” we all are sinners and pray to be like Christ everyday but i do read my Bible.

So as i opened to psalm 145, i saw new naira notes enough for my Pepsi and i had extra left… I was really happy that i rushed out to get the Pepsi that i forgot to read the passage “sad” when i got back i made sure i read the passage before refreshing my throat with the cold drink.

Was i preaching somehow? I think so “smile” above all God is great and does wonders and i love Pepsi.

Thank you diary





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