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Dear future husband,

am writing you this letter to let you know how much i cherish your arrival. How lucky am anticipating to have you as my prince charming, and also to let you know i would always be proud of you.

Hubby, i want to be only one in your life, i don’t want to be the first nor the second woman in your life, I want to be the one and only woman in your life. The mother of your unborn beautiful kids, and raise them in a Godly way.

Hubby, i talk a lot both the necessary and unnecessary things, just be my listening ear. Trust me my ideas are the best, don’t worry you will confirm it soon.

Hubby, be transparent, I want you to see me not only as a wife but also as your best friend. Be free with me cos I will also be free with you.

Hubby, love me the way I am, yeah i like fashion, flashy colors but that doesn’t make me a fake person.

Am very real,  have I told you how i went for a dinner in a five star hotel and i couldn’t use the cutlery? You need to see how i struggled with it, at a time my dear i used my hand to eat the chicken o, i cannot kill myself just because I want to use the cutlery. Am very very real trust me.

Hubby, Be ready to pamper me. Of course all ladies want this but mine will be double. As the last born of the family that’s what I get from everybody in the house. Don’t worry the pampering will be mutual as you will be my big baby. 

Hubby, i will be your second mama, only if you let me. Am gonna take very good care of you and our children. I will be there for you at all times, in times of pain, in times of joy, when things are rough, when things are Rosy and enjoyment is every where am gonna be with you. I will pray for you, that will be my number one thing every morning so don’t be tired of it. Be ready cos you are getting married to a prayer warrior and you also be one so be prepared.

Hubby, i love picnics and vacation, let me tell you now o so you won’t say I didn’t tell you. I will like to visit Paris first before Bahamas, and you won’t regret going on vacation with me.

Am working on myself to be healthy and also stay in shape all for you.

Finally hubby, we are going to build a home not house, i trust that you know what i mean so I don’t need to explain that to you. We are going to have much fun together… Don’t keep me waiting too long. The girl you are cherishing now, please let her go because her future husband might be on the mountain praying to God for her. If you coming in a car please go get a power bike because i don’t trust lagos traffic at all. 

Love from your future wife





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