by sheydeahqb | 8:36 PM

Dear future husband,

Am really angry with you but trust me, i can’t stay mad at you for long. I just want to know which traffic is holding you o. Is it Lagos traffic? L.A traffic? or the famous London bridge traffic? Anyway, i just want you to know that you can break traffic rule for me but once you hear the siren that sounds like that of a police car, please park and run “laughing”

I know you are worried about what i look like “yes don’t be shy i know” don’t worry, God won’t give you what you would end up hating but let me be realistic. I have tried so many times to have flat stomach but amala, gbegiri, ewedu and assorted panla stew (that’s one of Nigerian’s very own dish) with chilled Pepsi won’t leave me alone

One time i even tried water and fruit therapy, when it was lunch time as i stepped out to buy more fruit, hubby you need to see the way the wind was blowing me like i haven’t eaten for years. It didn’t work out in the end. Don’t worry am chubby and am training the stomach.

Hubby, some nights am going to stay up all restless, eating and eating (i love food) to calm down but don’t panic its nothing serious, it happens whenever am trying to be inspired to write but i hope you are going to be my inspiration.

Hubby,  i hope you really love God because if you are not taking me back to him always, things won’t  be fine.

Hubby i hope you are romantic because have watched all romance movies,read novels and i write about it but i still find it easy to say “how far” from my end of the call “you will teach me”

“Am still lazy with workout though”

Hubby, have you heard of “weather for two” it means cold period. Please drink hot tea or coffee, cover yourself with thick duvet and plead the blood of Jesus over your thought and soul “am really serious”

On a more serious note, am tired of kissing frogs hoping to find a prince. Future hubby please leave that girl because her future husband is praying for her too. If the traffic is too much please jump okada (bike) we would go for the car later “winks”

Lastly for now, God is working on you, He is working on me. Find God, find yourself and come find me.

Till i write to you again but i pray it’s in person

Yours faithfully

Future wife “sheydeahqb




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