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At some point in our lives, we have tried to appear more better than others by labeling them with flaws. We’ve all being judgemental. when judging others, it prevents us from understanding the truth and knowing the deepest part  of that person and this won’t allow them to be open to you. 

Being judgemental, won’t allow any one have a free space and open mind to understand another person. The same thing you are labeling another for, you are doing it secretly. Some people are not afraid or ashamed to portray their true being and being shamed for it but, because you think it is in inappropriate to be that way, then it automatically means you are better than them, which is totally wrong. 

  • He/she is too loud
  • He/she doesn’t know how to compose their self 
  • Oh! Why is he/she wearing that? 
  • I can’t believe he/she just said that in front of these people, what are a pathetic being they are. 
  • Wait, you mean she is a single mother/father?
  • She is so fat… 
  • He doesn’t even gym
  • You mean he doesn’t go to church/mosque?
  • She is dating again? She is so insecure
  • He is now divorced? 

Then we hear things like,

  • I can’t even do that
  • Am a well mannered being
  • I love to keep everything low key 
  • I have a perfect family 
  • We just decided to go on vacation as a family
  • And so on

But deep down, is there really a perfect life? Or have u ever asked or try to understand why they are like that? What if they are different from what we assumed them to be? 

“The truth is people will always have insecurities

Some reasons I think people judge others 

  1. The fear of coming out of their own shell
  2. There is something they feel bad about themselves 
  3. They are really amazed to how others express their selves without the fear of being judged
  4. They believe they can’t have what you have 
  5. The believe of being accepted as perfect
  6. They don’t believe in mistakes 
  7. The fear of being different or called different. 
  8. Lastly, because they want to be better at something. 

When you are angry at something or someone that you don’t have anything against, it’s because there is something about you that you don’t like but they have 

Let’s  be free to live our lives and please ourselves as long as our God is happy with us, it doesn’t matter who is against you or judging you. 

No one is perfect 

Don’t judge a book by its cover 

Share if you believe. 




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