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It would have being a very nice decision, if i had just kept my cool and stay home. All in the name of desperation, hoping to kiss a prince after so many frog kisses.

At 8:00 am in the morning, i knew it was going to a very interesting day on social media as it is vals day. Said my morning prayers, my daily workout and i had a bowl of cereal. I was fully prepared for a lazy Tuesday morning as i was switching from one account to another, from Instagram to twitter to whats-app to Facebook and was going on and on. I was laughing at the top of my voice as i couldn’t hold some ridiculous posts and comments from people. Really enjoying the morning, when suddenly i saw a tweet that caught my attention with the caption ‘let’s help you create a man of your dreams’

I use to know one Dorian guy from way back in my high school days. Well,  ‘smiled’ it can’t be that Dorian because he was a pain in my butt, we never had any moment of peace in school together, we were always paired up for all science projects, any partner related assignments and karma was never on my side. The last time i saw Dorian, was at a shopping mall shopping with his wife. As i tried to avoid him seeing me, so i buried my head reading the direction on a bottle of shampoo like i was reading for a huge test, he walked up to me and introduced his wife to me. She was heavily pregnant and one thing led to another i lied to him that i was married and so many family related lies.

Enough of Dorian, i didn’t want anything that would ruin this my perfect date. It’s valentines day and am sure everything will go perfectly fine and even karma will work in my favor. An hour to my date as i was preparing to dress up, i still found myself thinking about my high school frenemy Dorian, who is now attractive, more matured and different from the bully part of him. I tried all i could to stop thinking about him as a beep sound came from my phone. It was a reminder on my date, the venue and the site even provided free ride to the place. i was so sure it was my lucky day. I wore a little black dress, a nice heel but a little bit high and packed my fro in a neat bun, i was mild on my makeup and poof in no time my ride was here.

About 30 minutes of nervous feeling with a smooth driving by the driver, we arrived at the location. It was a beautiful, elegant restaurant ‘expensive from the look of the settings’

the inside was transparent due to the glass and i was able to see people already sited, some were waiting for their date, some were hugging, some were really happy to see their date and i was standing there like ‘what if he is ugly? or he doesn’t like me? or he is not my type of person? or he is very old or too young? i was already having second thoughts about this date, if i should pull out now and go back home. the curious part of me summoned up courage and went inside. This made me so nervous as i wasn’t the only one in this blind date thing. I swallowed hard as i was already sweating, my knees were shaking and my heart was really beating fast. As i made my entry into the the reception area, i was beautifully welcomed and i was told the restaurant was meant for that purpose only that night when i tried explaining to them about my date. I thought it was going to be a private thing, yes it was private but not as private as i imagined. I saw description plague on each table which states the bio of your date. I mentioned my date name to the receptionist, he told me he was here about some minutes ago and he called a young man to take me to table number 7, and seven is my lucky number.

At table number 3, i stretched my neck from the back of the young man to see my date if i should run or keep going and alas it was Dorian from high school. I almost lost my heel {tip #1 when going on a date please where small heels or have flats with you} before he could show me the table as have seen Dorian from few tables away, i ran out with my heels almost betraying my legs and i couldn’t imagined the look on everyone’s face when i did that. As i was about to cross to the other side of the road to take a cab straight home, my heel got stuck in between the tiny space on the drainage racket cover. this day couldn’t get any worse wile trying to get myself out the mess, Dorian found me outside surprised.  I tried to compose myself but couldn’t stop wondering how that ugly bully frenemy of mine could be this good looking and responsible. he called for backup and i was helped out.

I was really angry why karma keeps treating me this way. Why Dorian? How am I going to explain to him that i lied about being married? And why is he here if he was married and am sure with a kid now?  I smiled to the young man that helped, thanked him and also Dorian. We went back in with my face staring at the ground as if i was getting direction from there. While i gently sat down, with his curious face wanting to know why i ran like that while he sat down too. he asked if i didn’t hurt my leg and if i was okay, i replied i was fine but surprised at his level of maturity.

We were there staring at each others bio for a while before he broke the silence and ask how i was doing generally. Few minutes later we were both laughing hard as to how life kept pairing us up. I was comfortable enough later, i removed the killer heels and he kept smiling that i haven’t changed one bit. Dorian was divorced few months ago, with him taking care  his son alone as he was just trying to pick up the pieces of his life together. I apologized for lying that i was married and trying to pull out of the date plans but, he wasn’t angry rather he was fully aware of the pressure out there which was the mistake he made. We ordered food, which turned out we still like same things as we use to. The dinner was great, we decided to walk few blocks before getting cabs after the dinner  and he told about the how he use to have crush on me which was why he had to pretend to never like me so he would fight it. It was a little bit cold {tip #2 always have a shawl or jacket when going on a date night} he gave me his jacket and we talked about everything.

We later exchange numbers and promised to hang out more, we went our separate ways home and we have started talking since then.

I guess it was a blessing in disguise as karma was fair this time





Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! What an awesome write up, so interesting and educative ….

Keep it up Bobby cares….

Feb 27.2017 | 12:51 pm

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