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Carrot is a root vegetable which for years i thought was a fruit. It has so many health benefits and below are some of the benefits of carrot.


  • It improves skin
  • It improves digestion
  • It improves kidney functions
  • It reduces incidence of stroke
  • It maintains a healthy heart
  • It improves liver functions
  • It acts as anti-bacterial and viral
  • It is great for the sight “eyes health”
  • It improves healthy teeth
  • It is reduced the risk of cancer “anti cancer”

carrot smoothie

  • carrot
  • banana
  • turmeric
  • ginger
  • pineapple
  • and lemon…

All these ingredients are fully packed with amazing benefits, which are healthy and can improves our daily lives.

  • Aiding digestions, lowering of blood pressure from banana
  • anti inflammatory, anti oxidant rich, lowering of cholesterol from turmeric
  • energy boosting, vitamin c packed from pineapple
  • infection fighting, stomach smoothing and immune boosting from ginger
  • carrot benefits which bare state above
  • and lemon which is a natural antibiotic, vitamin c packed, and brightens the skin.

wash all ingredients thoroughly and make sure they are fresh and ripe like in the case of banana… cut into smaller portions and add all in a blender and blend together but the lemon should be excluded. when it is well blended you can add the lemon juice to it. serve cold or how ever you prefer it.

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