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for someone like me its so easy for me to change my look, sometimes i want to wear my hair long and sometimes i want to wear my hair short. it all depends on how i want it at that particular period of time. during this time that i love switching from one look to another, i was able to achieve some nice hair routine and styles.

today i will be showing you guys how i achieve my TWA (teeny weeny Afro). its very simple and the products are very affordable and easy to get in stores around you.  am going to leave a  link to the video down below for you guys to see and for the resolution, please bear with me till am able to get a very good camera to post for you guys.

  • Eco styler gel


  • first, i comb my hair to DE-tangle all previous curls made
  • i wet my hair by spraying it with the water and oil mixture in  my spray bottle
  • i applied my leave in conditioner and massaged it in thoroughly
  • and lastly i applied the Eco styler gel and set my curls with an old tooth brush and made my edges neat.

note: if you just washed your hair, there is no need to wet it again. just dry it a little bit and add your olive oil but if your hair has been washed before then, you can just go ahead and follow the steps.





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