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Dear diary, 

Today was exceptionally different. I know i think differently, talk differently and really am weird differently till i met this little boy. 

Beside me were two young boys trying to cross as well. At the little chance of space between two Cars, the older one crossed while the younger one stayed back. I didn’t cross either, was just wondering why he didn’t go with his brother. I asked if he was scared to cross, he answered saying ‘NO’

I smiled because it was one of their talk when they don’t want you to call them a kid. He looked at me and said, i wasn’t scared. Why ‘i asked’ his reply was shocking and amazing. He said ‘aunty i have only one life, and i promised to buy my mum a big house soon when i become a pilot, so i don’t want to cross the road in haste’

I held his hand and we crossed together when the road was free. Then i understand what he meant. When it was free we didn’t have the need to run, we walked so calmly and he said ‘thank you aunty’

Moral: many are going nowhere with rush. Direction matters than the speed

Thank you diary 




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