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An ex? Before i even start anything, do u think it is right to have any form of relationship with your ask?  Now let’s answer this quietly in our mind. 

My big mum “may her soul rest in peace” was counseling a couple some time ago, and i remember the cause of their quarrel / fight was because the wife was meeting with people from her past (exes this time) when she asked the wife why is that, she replied saying they know her so well more than and her husband. She said they understand all her signs especially her recent ex. 

Feelings: some will say it’s just a simple greeting friendship, some will simply say my husband or wife is not the jealous type, some will even say it’s okay by my spouse but is it really okay by them or they just don’t want you to see them as a nagging being or an insecure being. From my own point of view, i think it’s important you both agree on something first and don’t assume for your partner. 

Even those that are dating, why is your ex your best friend? Is it right? Is it okay for you to meet with your ex alone in their apartment especially when they are still single and you have moved on? 

Your relationship with your ex can ruin your new relationship and it can strengthen your relationship. If your partner sees how he/she comes first whenever your are with your ex or talking with them or the way you introduced them matters. Some past relationships were stories that wasn’t suppose to end and somehow it ended, don’t use the new girl/guy to get over them. Stop running back to them especially when they are still single. Yes you can keep a very good relationship with your ex but consider your partner feelings first and talk with him/her.

If you think/know you haven’t gotten over your ex, don’t rush into another relationship. The outcome of dating another person just to hurt your ex or spite them, is that you are hurting an innocent heart for always trying to act like your ex and for making them fall in love with you. Revenge won’t solve anything. 

communication is a great factor to use in any relationship

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Engr. O.N. Ashogbon

A married woman that still look back at her ex is like the wife of lot that looks back and became a piller of salt. Doom will befall such a woman who is not satisfy with what she has.
According to the book of proverb, a wise woman build her home, but a foolish one teers it down.
The pride and beauty of a woman is the trust the husband had for her, once she lost it she lost everything.

Jan 22.2017 | 07:23 am


A word is enough for the wise, if you haven’t gotten over your ex don’t bother getting into another relationship for you not to hurt a innocent heart.

Jan 22.2017 | 01:17 pm

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