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Starting all over

When in a relationship, sometimes the little things we fight about that makes us think it’s not working out, aren’t enough reasons to give up on.
Let me put it this way: what if we start all over like,  going back to the beginning and see things that we used to do then which we no longer do again. when people get together at first to start a life, they tend to over look some certain things or overlook every mistakes. Then later the nagging starts, the shouting, the quarrel and from small fights to big fights. These are good reasons to show we are human and definitely two different people coming together as one.

  1. Sit down together and accept with honesty that things aren’t the same way they use to be. 
  2. Like i said previously, identify the things that attracted you both in the first place “go back to the beginning”
  3. Make a true commitment decision to stay together 
  4. Work together to make things easy. It involves two people so don’t let one person do all the commitment 
  5. Forgive each other, let by gone be by gone, focus on the present and give room for great future together
  6. Lastly compliment each other, focus on special things and put unimportant things aside and blames should be accepted by both or don’t blame anyone at all just accept it and let go. 

I hope you learn one or two things and remember am not a life coach or a relationship expert. We are all fighting to make things right and with good information we can make it work.




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