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Its Monday morning, back to the real world and in this real world, i have a company name to protect, feelings to protect and strength to pull it together without any form of intimidation. I was feeling the driving driving to work thing so i decided to change my routine by going to work using the bus. When the bus stopped in front of the company, i noticed Mr Wilde’s car parked outside and with a heavy sigh i knew it was time to face my biggest challenge that comes with this contract.

A young lady walked up to me as i was about to enter into the elevator. She introduced herself as Mr Wilde’s assistant “Bella” and she has this look on her face like we were competing for a trophy. She told me she would be the one assisting me for the week which makes it perfect sense because someone from the company needs to be present throughout the installation and paper work and i was really happy it wasn’t the boss. This will give me enough room for concentration. My temporary office was on the first floor, much deserved distance from him. Bella was also sharing the office with me. I noticed anytime we were together, she was always talking about how hard she worked to get to that position, how Mr wilde doesn’t give room for any stranger and enough crap to keep my ear bud angry “like who cares miss”. The only time i get to see Mr Wilde was during the daily report at the end of the day and whenever he needs any confirmation or to clarification, he would just send email or call “wow what a way to avoid me after i had completely humiliated myself” His voice though still gives me chills and bumps by raising the shortest hair on my body. Anytime the sound of the elevator pops up, i always wished he was the one and the few times i get to give report, his stares scares me in a seductive way.

I was lost in thought, also looking tired that I didn’t realize he mentioned my name thrice till Bella tapped me. Miss burn we really appreciate your effort and your intelligent, the board thinks you are the best so far we’ve worked with. We are all pleased with the results and the review/feedback we got from the restaurants owners were incredible. Miss burn thank you for been at your best performance. The whole members present gave me a round of applause and it really made day. After the meeting, Mr Wilde dismissed everyone and also asked Bella to excused us. He was staring at me smiling, I thought I was going to collapse but thank God I didn’t. He just gave me another round of appraisal “my credit was well deserved”

He told me about the party the following day to celebrate the success of the contract and of course my boss was invited too. Am only representing the company and well I did most of the work. Mr Wilde please if there is nothing you would like me to do for you, i would take my leave now because i don’t want to miss the bus “i said”. He smiled, you are riding with me and you are really tired let me take you home Tonia.

There was complete silence between us while on our way home. To break the silence he stopped the car, breathe in deep, he turned towards me and stared deep which i felt in my soul. Tonia, i did something few days ago which i didn’t do properly like a gentleman, i want to complete it. Though i was tired but his stare gave me strength and weakness at the same time. He put my hair behind my ears to see my face well “you are very beautiful. These past four days i didn’t get to see you well has been like torture to me, its like you totally ignored me and avoided anything that would bring me close to you” if only he knew i had the same though that he was avoiding me.

With his hand behind my ears touching my hair, he used the other hand to touch my lips, cupped my face, i was dying inside for his kiss, to taste his lips again like my life depends on it. He gave me a light kiss on my forehead, the bridge of my nose and when he finally placed his lips on mine, it was divinely warm and its taste was so great. His was devouring my mouth and lips gently like he has been looking for it all his life. The moaning from both of us was bringing so much romantic heat that he stopped. Tonia let me take you home “heaven help me”

Seduction continues





Why re they playin with each other feelinz*_* 50 shade of seduction#_#

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