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Dear diary

It’s a beautiful tired morning for me. Preping for finals in second year and having one more session to go, it’s like an anti-social stage of life… 

It would have been funny if there was no flesh covering the inner part. For those that are used to saying ‘my heart beats for you’ 😂 we would see if it really beats the name. For those that do say ‘I can’t breathe without you’ 😂😂😂 or for those that lie that they haven’t eaten since morning “hahahaha”

Lol!!!  Enough of my joking around and time to go do some blood test in the lab “life of a lab technician” it’s a good bio story for me

Don’t forget to visit my instagram page on the 25th for my 6months blog contest. Have a great weekend y’all. “kisses to my beautiful readers”

Song of the day: Tired Feet by ALELA DIANE

Thank you diary 




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