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Dear diary,

Maybe because have never really noticed the beauty of this natural gift from God. Yesterday it did not come out in a full form, it was just the half moon. Still it was beautiful and bright to the world and the most interesting thing about, it has one dazzling little friend star always attached to it. It’s just a few distance away but close enough to add to its beauty “Nature is beautiful”
So i know have being MIA lately but am so excited because it’s the season of Christ and He is the reason for the season. So many rounding up to do in school and planning a very simple yet beautiful Christmas for myself.

Dear diary it’s the season of “RED” season of celebration, season of rest, season of vacation , season of exploring. If you reading this, please do whatever that would make you happy and accepted in the sight of the lord. Make sure you put a smile, at least on one person’s face and be the reason for their joy this season.

Welcome to the season of the birth of “CHRIST” & “Santa and gifts” 🎅

Thank you diary

Good night

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Nature is priceless

Dec 05.2016 | 12:31 am

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