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A peaceful popular village, where everything was so perfect. No killings, no rituals, no sacrifice and any form of traditional rites that other villages indulged in, all because they have a king who doesn’t believe in them. Whatever he believed in was really working for them as their agricultural production was always successful by bringing in more yields, their fisherman always have reasons to go home to their family happy everyday and all other trades were really good. The most beautiful thing about all these was the law of one man to one woman. He believed in devoting your love and affection to one woman/man and raising a peaceful home with no complexity. Trust me, this made all the women in the village really happy that they set aside a day for the king to celebrate him and thank him for all his good deeds.

One day a cabinet meeting was called for, which includes the king and his chiefs and every one that holds a title in the village but this kind of meeting does not involve the queen. After the matter of the village growth was taken care of, the king’s childlessness was brought up which changed the mood of the king. There are two sides to the cabinet members, the side that supports the king and the side that just want to see him fail. The side that wants to see him fail were called the ancient believers “as they believed their gods will bring wrath upon them for the change of tradition in their land” and the good side were called the modern believers.

While the king’s child bearing matter was still on, the queen was coming down from her room to join her maidens in the garden when she heard their topic of discussion. She was heartbroken, the tears coming out of her eyes was so hot that it burns. The modern believers didn’t like the discussion as they think it was a personal issue not for the cabinet members to deliberate on. After what seem like forever the ancient believers asked the king to take another wife that would give them a heir to the throne to take over from his father because they were very certain the gods were already punishing the kin for not giving him a child.

The king’s face was red hot, he was surprised with what the ancient believers were asking him to do. His anger brought silence in their midst which made them all heard a weepy sniff. The king stepped down from the throne and saw the queen on the ground wallowing in her own tears with swollen eyes. He became very sad and weak seeing her like that.

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