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Siting by the balcony watching the sun goes down gradually with it beauty illuminating the face of the earth, and it’s reflection on the surface of the water so amazing. My heart is full of thanks and gratitude to the MOST HIGH for his awesome works. How i wish all these am witnessing now that brings peace to my heart can actually be transformed in a human form to bring smiles to my face. 

Segun was everything i wanted in a man. His flaws are one of the things that makes him truly different and unique. A man who is very comfortable in his own skin, a man who is not driven by the material things of this vain life, a man with visions, goals and he is a wonderful partner. Everything was going on smoothly, with us and everything around us. We don’t do the everyday couple social media goals thing. We were together for our passion, our companionship, our commitment and i really loved every moment. 

I work with an advertising firm and the pay was really good while Segun on the other hand is getting small contracts with his solar system installations and we both good. He appreciates everything i do and never gets tired of saying thank you. Like one day i bought him an apple laptop because the one he has was very old and the weight alone is killing. The look on his face, that night was priceless. he made dinner for me, treated me specially not because of the laptop but because he was happy that my high financial status didn’t get in the way of my respect for him. With the little he was making,  i get something different and special from him all the time. Since my parents died, Segun has been my rock of Gibraltar. Against all odds we always conquer. It has been just the two of us against every challenges and obstacle but with our strong love and togetherness, we always conquers all. 

During the board meeting one morning, i was made to understand the company would be bringing in the junior staffs from Abuja for training and each head of department would get one to work under them. Later that week they were introduced to us and Shania Johnson was chosen to be my trainee. I think Shania and i should be of the same age or i should be a year or two older. The work bond between us was great and we made a great team. She listen so well and learn fast. I couldn’t help but noticed her love for her phone, which she later explained how social media is part of life. 

Fast forward to months later, the relationship between Shania and i was now more than just boss and team crew relationship. I totally was opened to her and we became inseperable friends. When i told Segun about her, he wasn’t too pleased and reminded me of how friends treated me in the past. Well,  normally whenever he asked me not to do something i always listened to him just as much as he listened to me always too but this time i didn’t even know why i wasn’t really buying the idea of him trying to stop my friendship with shania. 

So i pretended to him as if i was going to stay away from her but i continued my friendship with her. She was the sister i never had, she taught me so many things like my fashion and style taste was changed, my hair and makeup, my shoe game and wow social media was fun and i can’t believe Segun and i didn’t want all these. I knew if he finds out about this he won’t be happy with me but if you never tried anything you can’t tell about it. So to keep the peace between us, i got a new phone for my social media life and shania is the only one that i gave that number.

Things were going really great, Segun didn’t know anything and the friendship bond between shania and i really was so tight. We were like sisters and i trusted her completely. She knew everything about me but i somehow didn’t really know much about her because she only tells me what i needed to know. Unlike segun and i having a great relationship and our love was strong, shania doesn’t have luck with men. So i always try everything to make her see the brighter side of life. Each time she asked if Segun has a brother or a friend as cute as him, i just laughed it off but i didn’t know she was a predator looking for her prey.

I once attended a single and married forum, and the speaker said if you are married, in a serious relationship or engaged, do not discuss your life with someone that is single. Shania is very different and she has shown me so many important side that i didn’t know i have. We go out anytime we closed any deal to celebrate and enjoy and talk more about life. Few weeks later i noticed each time any discussion talk is about Segun, she doesn’t like it and i could tell because of her facial expression. 

For months, i was able to keep my second life ‘social life’ without Segun noticing anything. I was really enjoying this double life and i tried to maintain both. Shania on the other hand was becoming more distant since the day i invited her to the movies with Segun and i. She was just staring at Segun and always looking for opportunity to touch him while pretending to be lost in laughter since we were watching a comedy. Before the movie outing, i told her about a guy i met on instagram, we were just casual friends and i wasn’t intending to give him a chance because i truly love Segun and i just can’t picture myself with another man. I told her about our chats, even showed her and she advised me to just play along since we won’t be meeting. One day the guy asked if we could get personal through chat, though i refused at first but he has his way of making me change my mind. That night we chatted so deep that i didn’t want him to go neither was i planning on going to bed early but when Segun turned his body i remembered why i fell inlove with this adorable creature. This made me ended the whole instagram thing and just try to put things back where they should be.

I showed her all the chats and she just asked me to keep him because Segun might disappoint me.when i told her that i deactivated the account and wanted no part of that life because it’s not my style she said i was acting like a novice by putting all my eggs in one basket. I didn’t find that statement funny but i pretended i didn’t hear her. I tried to keep my distant from her later on and kept the friendship to just her working under me. Segun was right, I shouldn’t have started anything so deep with her. The day i invited her over to the house, she was just emphasizing on my flaws on the things Segun doesn’t even noticed. Things on a normal day he overlooked and it wasn’t a big deal. 

After that day i fought for my love and trust to be restored back in his sight. Few weeks later my double life was made known to him but then things weren’t great with us. I admitted all my wrongs and how i should have listened to him. Shania somehow screenshot the whole conversation with Alex and i on instagram and showed them to Segun. I didn’t even know how she got his number and arranged meeting with him. I told him everything,  how i thought i was missing out on things but they were all vain and he explained how shania wanted him for her self, how she tried seducing him when i was cooking during her visit. How she was taming me bad and that was when she told him about the phone, instagram conversation just to win his heart that i wasn’t the person he thought i was. so Segun was aware all this while but wanted to see if i would say something about it. 

I felt like a fool and didn’t know what to say than to apologize. Segun accepted my apology he told me he didn’t stop me from having social media accounts or any of that but i was the one who made it clear to him i never liked it because i said it wasn’t my thing. Right there i realized i was wrong, trying to stay away from these things to make him know am a good woman but he loved me beyond all that. 

He couldn’t trust me again. The love was so strong but he told me love isn’t the only thing that matters in a relationship. He wanted us to stay away from each other for sometime. It’s been 3months since Segun left and shania was transferred to another branch. I remembered when i called her to my office ‘shania’ to ask the reasons for her actions. Her reply cut deep into my soul. She said “most ladies would pray for the right man, and once we have the right man we are not always ready to handle it. We always think there is more we wanted but that more is what we shouldn’t have asked for” 

The sun is down and my eyes are getting weak. I don’t even have strength to make my self dinner because the space left in my heart and body isn’t something food can fill up. So am on the bed rolling and trying to get some sleep. 

*a light knocking on the door*

seriously i just wish that person would disappear and never come back. The knocking continues, i managed to check who it was that wanted me to know he/she is parasitic in nature by trying to pull down my door. 

*I opened the door* Segun was down on one knee with a card in a shape of heart with words written on it. “ANU PLEASE BE MY WIFE”

The End. 

 “if you get what you want, will you want what you get? 




Ghana very own

Can’t wait for you to write your own novel. You are so good with love write ups. Keep it up God bless ur talent

Nov 15.2016 | 09:25 am

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