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I fell asleep while watching her sleep like a baby. I was trying not to get her involved in my life drama but she was already involved and am just being a coward not admitting how i truly feel.  At about 7am in the morning, a call came in but i didn’t want to disturb her, so I left for the balcony to answer the call. My eyes were so heavy that i didn’t check who the caller was. Good morning my son ‘said from the other end’ it was mum and i am sure she just knew i needed an explanation why i met lolade in my apartment and why no one called me to explain what happened. 

Tobi, just listen to me okay? And okay i answered her. “lolade was on her way out of the town, i guess to clear her head or probably to start up a new phase of her life. I got a call from Jide ‘her cousin’ that lolade was rushed to the hospital on their way to the airport. He called you several times but since you weren’t answering any of your calls, he called me. According to him we are the only family she has now and that young man was right. 

After her examination with the doctor, they wanted to keep her overnight but i gave Jide your address and told him where your spare keys are and instructed him to take lolade there so she can have a enough rest and Finally son, have tried my best as your mother. I tried not to interfere in your personal decisions but at the same time you haven’t been wise with choosing them. Tobi go and mend things now and the lord be with you. ‘she ends the call’

“Am sure a word is enough for a wise man” I buried my face in my hands and wish everything would just stop at that moment. I didn’t even realize lolade was standing in my front but before i could perceive her scent she hugged me so tight and said ‘my answer to your question is am going to stay with you’ because running away from you is like torturing myself. I just wept in her arms and she hugged me so tight with passion and showered me with lots of kisses on my forehead and promised to stay with me as long as i wanted and could tolerate her. 

I just stayed glued in arms, i wanted to freeze the moment and never let go of her. I just couldn’t hold it back in, she released me from her arms and lifted my eyes to a position where she could see the expression on my face and see through my eyes. I told her ‘lolade i didn’t know love as strong as it is can make one weak so much that you won’t have anything strength left in you’ all am saying is that i love you so much ‘sigh’ i can’t even explain why it took me so much time to admit. Starting from the day you wore my shorts and my shirt, the day you wore mum’s vintage gown, to the day we had a little tour in the house, the way you create time for Shawn, to watching you do your thing in the kitchen to so many times that i just want to hold you for long and confess my feelings to you. 

That kiss was the longest, most passionate kiss have ever had. Lolade gave herself to me that night after so much deep talk and opening myself to her. She gave me herself for the first time that night, her purity and her willingness for me to love her. ‘oh my goodness’i was dying of love, have never felt so complete in my life. Woke up the next morning she left me a note covered in written heart emojis. She left for school to know how about her results. I was still on bed thinking about the love we made, the fire between us, the passion and the confessiom of love. Then i realised love wasn’t as hard as i thought, it only requires my honesty, been decisive and my openness. 

Later that day, i had to take care of things in the office, took Allison to the hospital for her therapy class. I didn’t even pay attention to all she was saying, i was just glowing in love, smile, happiness and i was consumed with love. I dropped her later that evening after the whole hospital examination and while i was returning to the car, she pulled me back by my hands and wanted to kiss but i refused. She was surprised by my stand on not wanting to have anything aside the relationship of been a mother to my son. I heard her saying this while i was leaving ‘you will be be back because am the only woman that can love’

At about 7pm i tried calling lolade, but she wasn’t picking and am really worried and i tried mum as well she wasn’t picking either, so i drove straight to mum’s place. From the entrance i could perceive the aroma from the kitchen, but something tells me it wasn’t mum. I opened the door to my surprise, lolade was there with mum and Shawn making a big family dinner. They made everything i love and it was so exciting coming home to meet this. I couldn’t hold my excitement i hugged mum, and tossed Shawn around with his big smile. To my woman who was staring at me and a little bit shy, i hugged her tight and kissed her lightly on the forehead while mum and Shawn made a funny sound to mock us with love and laughter. 

After dinner, she gave me the big news about her results that she did extremely well and am so proud of her. Later that night,  i made love to her again. Am very sure am not going to get bored of her at all, this is my woman, my world, my best friend, my shy cutie and my mini mum. The passion between us, the way we both responded to our feelings while making love, it’s like have never being with anyone else before. 

Weeks later, things was going on great and i couldn’t been happier. I was in the office when Allison’s message came in, she wanted to see her son and it’s been a while. I didn’t allow Shawn to see her because of her health due to the fact that i don’t want her to be stressed at all. I told lolade about it when i got home, she said she needed all the love she could get because this would make her strong and go through all these treatments with lots of strength. Mum agreed with her and since lolade would be leaving for her place today, i decided to drop Shawn with Allison on our way. 

I wanted it to be a surprise for her ‘Allison’ so i didn’t tell her i was coming with Shawn that evening. I left lolade in the car and asked Shawn to come with me. The expression on his face is what i don’t really understand, maybe because he wanted lolade to come in with us. I helped him up with his bag and we walked towards the door.

I noticed the door wasn’t locked, and i was hearing some strange sounds coming from inside. So i opened the door to my greatest surprise, i saw Allison and a guy doing drugs and they were completely wasted. 

She was shocked to see me and all she could say was ‘why are u here? Why didn’t you call me to tell me you were coming with Shawn? She was staggering to gain balance but i noticed she had some cuts on her hand and a gun was close to the guy with her. 

Hahahahahahah so this is Mr handsome Tobi, ‘the guy said’ and he is with my son. Wait your son? Allison what is talking about? I took a DNA test and it confirmed Shawn is my son. You don’t even know the hospital nor the doctor until the day of the result and the all procedure was discreet. So Allison explain to me what the guy here is talking about. 

Shut up Bryan ‘she said’ wow so this Mr Bryan, the superhero who was so nice to you and took care of you right? Though she was wasted but she understood the sarcasm tone i was giving her with my question. Look Tobi, he is not the father of Shawn. All he meant was that he was the one that was with me during the process. I was so angry with what nonsense she just stated out of her mouth. What do you mean? Didn’t you tell Bryan i wasn’t even aware of you being pregnant? You left me one cold morning and i didn’t hear from you until few months ago with Shawn. 

Yes yes yes ‘Bryan answered’ of course she told me all about it. Well you might be Shawn’s father but am always his daddy. Have always being her first love till one cold morning too we were out of money and she left to tell you about our son and to profess her undying love to you. Is that pathetic Tobi? 

Allison you are sick with a terminal illness and you exposing yourself to all these. I gave you everything but you were never contented. You always wanted more yet i never complained. How can you be strong for Shawn now with all these you exposing yourself to please tell me?

‘Bryan answered’ wait Tobi are u this dumb? How can someone with terminal illness take hard drugs and involve herself with all this high life? Well is all part of her plan to get close to you and run away from me but all thanks to Miss cutie there for saving you from her evil plans ‘laughing’ she has no cancer 

I turned back lolade was standing there and couldn’t believe all the confessions from Bryan and me on the other hand could hear the applaud that wasn’t existing of how have being the greatest fool. 

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Wow! What a twist?…. Nice one

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