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If finding a perfect man/woman is your goal then am really sure that won’t be possible. no one is perfect but idea is not been someone else’s perfect person but complimenting them and bringing out that perfection in them. 

Remember they don’t want the same things but, when all their options are compared together, they have some factors in common. 

so ladies get in here and let’s make our man happy “smile”

  1. Be supportive: it’s doesn’t mean you completing any task for him. he is not asking you to go to work with him or take part in any of his assignment but nothing makes a man happy when his woman can visualize his dreams, goals, his plans with him. supporting is small ideas and help him bring it to reality by showing him love and believe in him even when no one sees it coming to light.
  2. Be prayerful: whether your are in the state of courtship, dating, marriage or any term given to a rightful been together with a man, praying is a key factor for him to be successful. women are the pillars holding the family together. If he is tired, hold his hands pray with him and see how everything will turn around for him. 
  3. Be contented: Mr B bought a Ferrari for his wife, now you are fighting him to buy you a spaceship. Do you know how many sleepless night of prayer Mrs B sacrificed? do you know how they started? whatever it is he is giving you, show appreciation and always let him see that happiness whenever you use it. this will inspire him to get you something bigger. 
  4. Be confident: nothing makes a woman appears more confident if she is comfortable in her own skin. If you’re guilty of always asking lines like: “Does this skirt make my belly big?” …stop asking. If you’re constantly needing his reassurance that you’re beautiful, he may start asking questions himself.rather change the phrase and ask him after you are fully dressed “how do i look? 
  5. be spontaneous: One of the first things to go in a relationship is the spontaneity. “you use to enjoy game nights on Friday, why not try the movies the next Friday and see if it works for you both” there is nothing wrong when you are impulsive sometimes. try something different, try something new and fresh. don’t get stuck in one routine.
  6. don’t compare him to another man: this is a major ruiner. nobody likes to be compared to another fellow. this is not just about the man alone, also the woman as well. am talking bou the men now so ladies don’t tell him Jim is treating his partner rather communicate with him and let him know this is what you would like him to try. 
  7. Be homely: Am sure many would be adjusting their sits now “laughing” this is different from house chores or cleaning. when i said homely, i meant you doing things that would make him feel at home. don’t let him know you had a brief convo with his mum “ask her things he always love her to make for him. maybe when he is down or when you want to surprise him” try this trick “this will work for men that own their own business ” get his memo and see his scheduled for that day. call his assistant, take care of business and give him one day vacation at home.
  8. communicate with him and be honest:If he can’t trust you — how can he ever see you as his girlfriend, his good wife or his wife to be?  Keep things open and honest in your relationship. A little white lie or flirty texts with an old boy friend from the past “saying but am not physical with him” can lead to a blownfight or even a bad breakup. let the past be in the past. whenever you are going out let him have this confidence that he has nothing to worry about and let this be vice versa. 
  9. Be independent: this doesn’t mean been career driven alone. it also means giving him his alone time with the men, boys let him have fun. let him know you can handle and take care of yourself.
  10. make him get jealous of himself: am sure you need to read this over again “smile” yes make him ask himself over and over again “wow is she mine? wear sexy lingerie for him even after having kids. visit the gym to get in shape or have your own homework. “keep yourself clean” this goes to the African women “stop tying wrappers around the house everytime, switch to shorts” if you are big, be a phat girl “pretty hot and thick” if you are average, be a “pretty hot slim thick” and if you are slim “be a pretty slim goddess”. learn new tricks in your sensuality because its not just about the sexiness or good looks alone but also about your confidence that will draw his eyes to you when you enter the room. love yourself and embrace your skin. 

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      NoteA Godly woman holds the house “be prayerful” also sheydea is not a relationship expert. 





      Wow… Seem you’re referring to an ideal guy…. Hardly to come by this days… Well that’s a good piece….

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