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Mint leavesare used mainly for cooking purposes to add a captivating aroma to your food, all over the world. But Mint has much more to offer than these qualities. mint leaves is bursting with lots of benefits for skin, hair and lots more.

what to do: 

  • grind fresh mint leaves, apply it on the affected area for period of time and rinse off. it helps to do away with age spot and it cures pigmentation.
  • another method: You can apply the nourishing blend of mint juice and cucumber juice for removing age spots.
  • Smear mint leaves and lemon juice mix  for clearing the ugly dark spots and pigmentation marks from the skin.
  • Applying mint leaves paste helps in controlling the surface oiliness of your skin and keeping the skin spotless and oil-free





Good helpful hints,thanks.Enjoyed reading it.

Oct 24.2016 | 11:20 am

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