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At first light, Azoc’s forces launched its first assault on octagurioun. The thunderous sound of fire balls ramming the walls of Octagurion and the whistling sounds of shot arrows filled the air. Azoc  took to the roman strategy of battering the walls via the use of the famous roman artillery ”the trebuchet.”


Bazoc dismounted from his horse and took a gradual stroll towards general Mallius. Fear emanated from Mallius countenance. 

‘too scared to dismount from you horse or too scared to face your failure like a man.’ Bazoc said with a smirk.

‘I presumed a brief encounter. Speak your peace Bazoc so I can ride back to my men who are thirsty for barbarian blood.’ There was an outburst of laughter by Bazoc and his unarmed retinue which got Mallius wondering if he sounded any funny.

‘your men?’ Bazoc said while trying to catch his breath. ‘if your men really cared about your safety, you wouldn’t be riding out here all by yourself.’Bazoc grabbed the reins of Mallius horse and with a glare he added ‘don’t think I take your presence here as a show of good faith, because I don’t.’ the neighing of the horse grew intense as Bazoc tried to tame the horse. Mallius grudgingly dismounted from the horse pulling the reins of bazoc arms.

‘I didn’t come here for petty talks. If you have an offer, speak now!’ Mallius Screamed. Bazoc walked closer to mallius and leaned closer to his ear.

‘what I want to do right now is strangle the life out of you.’ Bazoc hissed those words which sent feeble trickles down Mallius spin. pulling himself away from Mallius, bazoc gave him a glare and added

‘but the gods smile on you today. These men.’  Bazoc said waving his hands in the direction of his army ‘ aren’t here for your head, but you can still give them a reason to mount your head on a stake’

Bazoc was not in total control of the two armies. The acting commander Desmus, refused to subject his men to Bazocs authority and his inexperience in battle tactics was irritating in the site of Bazoc. Even the kunigurian fighters, who for a long time have not had battle encounters got worried with what Desmus was doing. Bazoc left his stand and walked to Desmus position. 

‘you might want to consider pulling your archers from the wall’ Bazoc advised ‘we need them on the ground to coordinate a defensive strategy.’ Desmus gave Bazoc a glare

‘the enemy rams our wall and we stand and do nothing?’ Desmus asked 

‘on the contrary’ Bazoc replied ‘Azoc isn’t prepared to loose his army to this wall. He needs a smooth pa…’

‘might I remind you Bazoc’ Desmus interrupted with so much Bravado ‘we are romans and the most powerful fighting force the world has ever seen’

‘I won’t be a part of this shenanigan of yours’ Bazoc retorted ‘I am ordering you to have your men stand down from the walls.’ With tension looming between both men, they stared at each other without blinking. Gradually a hand full of bazoc men(kunigurians) rallied behind him. On seeing this, the roman infantry took battle positions as they rallied behind Desmus. What supposed to appear as a camp of allies was about to turn into a camp of enemies.

‘I will take you down if I have to’ bazoc said 

‘then you must be prepared for a blood bath.’ Desmus retorted. ‘because romans don’t go down easily’

‘you two must be clear the definition of stupidity’ a voice spoke from right behind Desmus. ‘the faith of an empire rests on your shoulders and this is how best you go can about saving this empire.’ Desmus grew uncomfortable with the words buzzing from behind. He then turned around swiftly to identify the speaker. While he scowled his eyes in search, he breath were heavy and audible. Mallius stepped out of the infantry unit and walked to the middle of both parties.

‘we are at the brink of war’ Mallius said aloud ‘these men whom you would die for have just lost the war even before it starts by this public show of shame.’ He took a deep breath and continued

‘if these men are worth dying for’ he took quick glance at both parties ‘then your weapons should be pointing to the ga…’ a thunderous sound interrupted the Mallius speech.



‘you struck a deal with my brother ’ bazoc said with a evil smirk on his face ‘how is that working out for you?. It seems like you not doing so well.’ Bazoc’s pacing around the static Mallius sent trickles running down Malliuse’s spine.

‘by night fall Azocs forces will come knocking and the hammer will come down the hardest this time.’Bazoc added

‘the only force that stands before me now is yours. If Azocs forces are a threat to the eternal city, then am afraid Rome will have to deal with your treachery first.’ Mallius retorted

‘come off this bravado, its disgusting’ bazoc said ‘we both know that your army do not stand a chance even against my men. Go into the city and get the women and children to safety’

To be continued….




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