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​derek look at this wonderful little boy, there is a great chance he is my son. I calculated the whole thing and it clicked but am just worried.

wait man what are you worried about? lolade or admitting the fact that you still haven’t gotten over allison yet? which Tobi? you have to be sincere with yourself here.

“look at me, am swinging Tobi, would you like to swing with me? Shawn said at the top of his voice. he was really enjoying himself” yes my dear i would join you soon

so are going to employ her? at least do something for her, she is the mother of your son. ‘well maybe not your son’ but you know Allison very well and it’s better with her.

Derek what are you saying mahn? you know how I feel about lolade and you know in your heart that she is a very good girl. 

yes Mr Tobi, i haven’t forgotten about her kind altitude and her warm gesture and how she stole your mum’s heart but reality speaking she is too young for you. am saying this because i don’t want you to hurt that girl. she is not cut out for all these your drama and the only person that seems to know you well is Allison.

you are my friend derek but am not going to watch you talk about me with that much cruelty. you know if i like someone am going o do anything to make that person happy. at first i thought it was because mummy was pressuring me that was why i wanted her but lately my heart just keeps drawing to her. have been with lots of women but this girl she is magic. well Shawn is going to be with me for three days, my friend am going to make this three days the best days of this kid’s life whether he is my son or not and this fun includes lolade.

one favor from you derek, please help me get Allison something in your office please please please.

okay mahn’ fine but please i don’t want any drama in my life. am not cut out for all this commitment, I just want to enjoy life to the fullest before i become a dad like you and my life gets boring “laughing mockingly”

“i punched him softly” oouch mahn i was just kidding but your life is messed up bro.

c’mon Shawn let’s make this outing Fun what do you say big man? yes yes Tobi am in “his face was full of life and i could tell he doesn’t go out much but fun loads awaits him” and one more thing am going to invite someone very nice and beautiful to come join us, is that okay buddy? he said ‘of course it’s okay, i would like that’ but is it mummy you are inviting? i looked at him and said no but she is my friend and you are going to like her much. 

hello lolade

‘good afternoon Mr Tobi’ please my dear stop with this formalty of yours and be free with me okay. 

I have a proposal for you, uhmmm Shawn is going to be with me for three days, and i would be taking some time off work, i was hoping you would like to join us and get to know him. 

Shawn? she asked’ yes oh am sorry my dear, Shawn is my son. 

oh forgive me, i would love that and it’s okay by me anytime. 

one more thing lolade’ i hope it won’t disturb your finals? 

no sir, uhmmm sorry i meant no Tobi’ i was going to tell you that my project has something to do with art and business so i have two weeks for that before final exam.

okay which means you would be needing my help sweetheart, am i right? 

she answered’ yes you are always right and thank you for the awesome remark you gave me on my log report, it was really helpful.

you welcome my dear. we would pick you up by 4pm today.

we picked up lolade by 4pm, i showed her the list of activities Shawn and i pen down to fulfil our fun days. she was totally in support if it. 

our first day outing was amazing, we visited the park, movies, and went to the skating park where i made complete fool of myself. lolade and Shawn were both laughing really hard as i kept falling off the skating shoes. we had fun all through the three days, it was amazing. we were like this little perfect family. Shawn really adore lolade, the way he always come to her to tie his shoe laces, ask her funny question, play tickling with her and she was never too tired to answer to any of his childish question. 

on the third day mum joined us, we had a small picnic at the park. i love every bit of our adventure which made me disagree with Derek, age doesn’t define one’s maturity. lolade is a very intelligent woman and am ready to make it work between. So while mum and Shawn were both enjoying tales time, we took a walk round the Park, she thanked me for including her in this family outing and also for helping her with the project. 

lolade i know this is new for you and i really love your patience with me, am going to make this work ok. I want to ask you something really crazy, please i know it’s not going to be easy with all this going on around me to be there always but ‘she cuts in’

Tobi what is it? you making me really nervous already and you know my health condition 

oh right am so sorry ‘Miss Lolade Dawson, please be my girlfriend’ her smile was every thing 

the way her eyes popped opened like she has been waiting for this question to be asked of her for long. her eyes were watery, her smile was even deeper. 

while she was about to answer my question, then comes the moment spoiler. i don’t know how on earth she found out where we were. 

her voice came in ‘won’t you guys include me in the fun?

Allison what are you doing here? well Mr lover boy she said with disgust in her tone ‘today is the test result day and i also came for my son’

well he is my son too at least till the test says otherwise. lolade this Allison Shawn’s mother ‘and his first love said Allison’ 

it’s nice meeting you miss Allison and you have a very wonderful boy there.

Girl we both lucky, to be part of this amazing man’s life. so i assumed you were his former assistance, the famous lolade.

To avoid more awkwardness, we left for the car, lolade suggested she gets a taxi and go home. i really understand why, she wasn’t ready for all these Allison’s dramas.

Tobi don’t worry it going to be alright and i completely understand how things must be for you right now and please take your time to work things out. ‘she hugged me tight and said she would be waiting for a proper girlfriend proposal’

i completely forgot she didn’t answer the question because she was interrupted by Allison. she went to bid mum and Shawn goodbye. Shawn asked her to come see him again, and mum also wanted her around so bad. 

Our journey to the hospital was so awkward, because it was silent all through the drive. only shawn was having fun with my mum or her grandma if it’s okay to say that. 

we got to the hospital, i asked them to stay back while i get the result from the front desk as doctor dan’s text says it would be in the front desk as he won’t be around. 

while i signed the collection form, the receptionist went to one corner to get the result. I was so nervous, my hands were shaking while i tore the envelope opened. 

Shawn is my biological son, he is my blood. before i went back to the car, i texted lolade to tell her about it. 

Allison asked ‘are you convinced now’ i looked at mum and smile ‘mum Shawn is your grandson’

at home 

Tobi i won’t forgive you for ever doubting me, now that you know Shawn is your son what are you planning to do? Tobi am saying something here do you mind answering and stop making me look like a nagging woman. 

nagging yes but woman no…

But what’s that suppose to me? why all these insults since i brought Shawn back to you? have practically apologized to you, i tried to show you i am a changed person and why won’t you let me work in your company? is it because of that small girl? 

What i do is none of your business, and by the way why would you lie to lolade i propose to you at the park? you that didn’t give me the opportunity to do that the morning you ran away. you deprived me the opportunity to watch that little boy grow, he now calls me Tobi.  

Allison who is Bryan? oh now you surprised i know about that? what kind of people did you involve yourself with when you left town? why did you loose all your inheritance? what happened to your parent? i have so many questions on my head for you and we can do this all night long. it’s better you start answering me instead of worrying yourself about lolade’s age. 

As for shawn he is mine, am going to fight for him and make up for those days. when he took his first step, when he said his first word and so many other things i missed out on. 

Tobi you don’t need to fight for him, am not fighting with you over Shawn because you are his father and whatever you want for him i know would be the best thing. But i think it’s right for us to forget about the past and try to start all over and give Shawn the best. I don’t want him to grow up in the hands of another woman, i want him to the two of us as his parents please am begging. 

Allison have heard everything, ‘i moved close to her so she would see the sincerity and know i meant every word am about to say’ you and Derek might be right about lolade been a little girl but she is wonderful and a woman that just stole my heart. 

so do you love her? Allison with you it was love at first sight, i was completely over heels in love with you but with her it wasn’t love at first sight ‘Allison look at me’ i want to build something great with her. 

After the internship party, where i asked lolade again to be my girlfriend and she said yes. i was busy with Shawn, getting him a good nanny because it would be too much for mum to handle. I also help Allison to get a good apartment and paid for three years upfront for her, Derek got her a good post in his company and it seems everything was going on fine. I granted her the right to come and visit Shawn anytime he wants, take him out and he also gets to spend the weekend with her. 

I never believed i would make everything work so fine, everyone in their place and seeing mum smile everyday with Shawn always running around the house after school is one wish i accomplished for her.

one evening Allison sent me a text message that she needed to see me urgently, so i canceled my date with lolade and went to meet with her in her apartment. 

the drama continues 




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Kai…when does it continue?

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Whao it’s real drama

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