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A son? It’s like my life couldn’t get anymore complicating. Am not even concentrating on what just hit me, my mind is like a pencil on a board, creating the image of lolade’s face, the look on her face when Allison said Shawn is my son. I made a promise to lolade, i just confessed to her that i really care about her and i like her so much. 

Allison I want a DNA test first thing tomorrow. ‘of course you will get any test you want, he is your son’ she said

Though Mum never liked my relationship with Allison which i turned deaf ears to everything she told me about her. Allison didn’t even show any kind of remorse about her hiding Shawn from me. 

I asked her to come upstairs with me to my room so we could talk better and private. 

Allison it been two years and half, you didn’t think it was too long or there was need for you to tell me about Shawn? How am i so sure he is my son? You just disappeared from my life just like that and after this long time you want me to accept that boy is my son? 

She was just staring at me and smiling ‘Allison what’s funny? Well Tobi which of the question do you want me to answer first ‘she asked. 

I don’t even know what to say but first why did you leave like that,  without saying anything to me?  I loved you so much, i adored you, i gave you everything and you just ripped my heart beyond repair that made it so difficult for me to open myself to another. 

Tobi, there are so many things you didn’t understand. I needed space, i was choking, no breathing space for me. I  got bored of you and your over caring self. ‘what? Alyson you mean i was over caring and choking? It took me a Year of therapy sessions to get over you. You didn’t even turn your back to see if i was falling rather, you wanted to have freedom because you thought i was depriving you of that. 

Tobi, am back now and from the way you speak, everything about you has changed. Am here for good, we can continue where we stopped. We have a son together and am very sure Mrs Fola is really happy because we both know she needs a wife and grandchildren from you. 

Everything she just said makes no sense to me, when she said ‘Mrs Fola’ if it were to be lolade she would have called my mum her own mother.

Well for your infomation miss, am involved with someone else and i really like her. So please, all you owe me now is your presence in the hospital tomorrow with Shawn, let’s have the test done already. 

Tobi,  we both know you are mine you can’t love another, so don’t bother wasting anybody’s time. 

“While she was about leaving my room she turned back and told me ‘Shawn is staying with me tonight because she has things to take care of”

It’s almost 10 in the night, mum has taken Shawn to her room to sleep with her. Here i am trying to pick up from somewhere and begin a new story, now i have to change the whole topic of my life and rewrite. 

Still pondering over series of unfortunate events in my life ‘suddenly my phone rings’ oh my Heavens its lolade, I forgot to call her and ask if she was okay and got home fine. “I ignored the call so i could call her back”

Hello lolade’ am really sorry i didn’t call to know if you have gotten home, Please my darling am so sorry. 

Awwn she said’its so nice of you to call me that, I didn’t want to disturb you because by now i figured you would be needing your alone time to sink everything in. 

No lolade, you are not disturbing me at all and am glad you called. I know you won’t be coming to the office tomorrow, and i should be getting a new assistant as well but i would send someone to get your log form to school tomorrow okay. and also i wish you all the best in your finals okay, make us proud alright and one more thing, always remember i care okay. 

“after i dropped the call, I began to wonder” What if Allison was right? What if i can’t love anyone like her? Lord please help me. 

Hello‘ said a tiny little voice’ Shawn right‘I asked’ yes My name is Shawn ‘he answered smiling’

He looks just like you when u were a little boy my love ‘said mum’ Tobi, i know you are worried and confused about all about starting something special and new with lolade, in the middle a blast from the past shows up with a gift from God. I don’t have the right answers to all your questions now but the only person that can answer that is your heart and please be prayerful my boy. 

Thanks mum and don’t worry about Shawn, he is going to hang with me. “Okay son but please don’t stay up late” she said and went to her room.

I have no idea what to say to this cute little man here, but his eyes reminds me of how i used to look at my dad when i was young but old enough to remember. ‘he stretches is hands forward so i would carry him up and put him on my laps’ so tell me Shawn, why are you not sleeping yet? “Though his words are not well put together, and he is almost two but he doesn’t talk much” he just placed his head on my chest and dozed off. 

7:00am Monday morning, so tired because i didn’t sleep at all and my head is pounding as fast and hard that it could explode in pieces. 

“Good morning Tobi” I was surprised, Shawn just said good morning to me. 

Wow!!! While he was smiling i picked him up from the bed and carried him up close to my chest where he finds comfort to lay his head. How are you my boy? ‘he answered fine’ and to all my other questions he just nods his head. 

while mum was making breakfast with Shawn downstairs, I had to plan my day because its going to be a very long day for me. I called the office that i would be coming in late, booked an appointment with Doctor Dan, also called someone from the office to come and get lolade’s log form and i have to interview my new assistant. 

Driving to the hospital, have tried Allison’s number severally but she wasn’t answering and later it was off. Oh my Lord, where is this crazy woman ‘i murmured inside ’I looked back, Shawn was just enjoying the pancakes mum made for him. He is so adorable and well behaved. Well i must say Allison did a good job with him. 

When we arrived at the hospital i tried her number again, this time she picked and told me that she won’t be available but would explain things to me in the evening when she comes for Shawn. 

I explained to Shawn in a way he would understand that the procedure is not painful, “he was crying already which made me realized he hates hospitals just like i do”  so i promised him a big bowl of chocolate if he stops crying.‘he was happy hearing the word ‘chocolate’ after the procedure, I was told the result would be out within three days. 

I took Shawn to domino’s Pizza to get him a cold Stone ice cream. While driving back to the office,  he told me thank you. I was moved by this little boy’s altitude. I told him not to worry that i will build him is own ice cream shop. This time he was laughing so much that i felt this connection and happiness talking to him. “he is a little boy with huge sense of humor”

“greetings from everyone in the office” some i was too carried away with My thought to answer, while others i managed to answer. I noticed everyone was looking at the little man, resting his head on my chest but i wasn’t bothered about it. 

Good morning sir said one of the the staff, your new assistant is waiting for you in the small conference room reception as requested by you sir. Thank you Abigail ‘she was surprised i know her name. “come on people am not that bossy and bad” she asked ‘sir shall i take the boy with me? No, he is fine with me and even Shawn wasn’t ready to come down from my arms. 

I entered the room and put him on a chair to relax while he enjoys his ice cream. I sent for the new assistant to come in. 

Good morning sir “Shawn shouted mummy” I raised my head up, Allison you are the one applying as my new assistant? 

Tobi i can explain, i swear i didn’t even know this company belongs to you. 

it’s my dad’s and i want to know what on earth you are doing here, and who you are pretending to be.

Tobi i know have hurt you a lot, but if you can give me this chance to explain exactly what happened. 

yes you already told me, how over caring and choking i was and I don’t i need anymore explanation from you. 

so tell me what are you doing here?

I accept all the blames and your resentment towards to me. have you forgotten all your promises? we have a son now and he needs us to be there for him. 

please Allison stop all these and spare me your baseless sermon. in three day the DNA result will be out, so all i want now is for you to get out of here.

I lost everything i had inherited from my parents. I don’t have anywhere to stay, so i decided to move in town and start up something. when i left that morning, i didn’t know what i had till i lost you. after three months i found out i was pregnant and i couldn’t call youn

I made promises to you when you were that sweet woman i fell in love with, but now you are a shameless woman who will cook up stories to get what you want. you know when i first met you, you were 6ft tall where i placed you but now, you are just my pinky tall. stop all these your unapologetic tears and get out of my life already. 

Hey miss, drop the boy he is staying with me till i found out whether or not he is my son. 





Damn !!!
I can imagine his confusion .

Sep 22.2016 | 10:05 am


This story is becoming more interesting, can’t wait to read next episode…. Well done.. Raymike….

Sep 22.2016 | 11:29 am


This is awesome…. I love the last three paragraphs… Sheydeahqb u are amazing

Jul 08.2017 | 05:12 pm

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